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How to Pack Spices for Moving – the Ultimate Guide

Packing for a house move can be a daunting and time-consuming task.

Among all the rooms in a home, the kitchen poses the greatest challenge with its abundance of breakables and an overwhelming number of items.

Furthermore, the kitchen is often stocked with food supplies and pantry items, which complicates the packing process even further.

How to Pack Spices for Moving

When it comes to relocating, you may choose not to bring frozen or perishable foods, but certain pantry items are worth keeping, especially expensive and hard-to-find ones like herbs and spices.

In order to ensure the safe and efficient transport of these important seasonings, it is crucial to know how to pack them properly for the move.

This article will provide you with a detailed outline on how to pack spices for moving, allowing you to preserve your valued seasonings without the risk of loss, damage, or unnecessary expenses.

Declutter your pantry

Before you begin packing your pantry items, it is essential to declutter and sort through them. This step will help you determine what to do with each item and streamline the packing process. Here’s what you should consider:

  1. Use up half-full and nearly-empty packages: Prioritize consuming these items before the move to minimize the amount of food you need to transport.
  2. Dispose of expired goods and stale items: Take the opportunity to get rid of any pantry items that are no longer fresh or within their expiration date. This will prevent unnecessary clutter and ensure you only bring quality items to your new home.
  3. Recycle properly: If you come across glass jars, bottles, plastic containers, or cardboard boxes during the decluttering process, make sure to recycle them appropriately. This will help reduce waste and contribute to environmental sustainability.
  4. Donate or offer inexpensive pantry items: Consider donating unopened canned foods, bags of sugar and flour, boxes of grains, snacks, cereals, and any other inexpensive pantry items that can easily be replaced. Local food banks or friends, family, and neighbors might appreciate these items.
  5. Set apart valuable pantry items: Identify and separate the pantry items you want to take with you to your new home. This includes rare herbs, expensive spices, exotic condiments, gourmet oils, and any other valuable seasonings. These items are worth the effort and expense associated with packing and transporting them.

It is important to note that if you are moving long distance, it is advisable to use up as many spices as possible before the moving day. Movers generally do not transport food or spices due to the potential attraction of pests or the risk of damage to other belongings. The best way to ensure your spices make it to your new home is to transport them yourself.

Once you have decluttered and identified the spices you wish to bring along, it’s time to prepare them for safe transportation.

Seal up your spices

To ensure the safe transport of your spices, it is crucial to properly seal them before packing. This will prevent any spills or leakage during the move. Follow these steps to seal your spices securely:

  1. Ensure caps are tightly screwed on: For unopened spice containers, make sure the lids or caps are tightly secured to prevent any accidental openings or spills.
  2. Tape open spice packages shut: If you have any open spice packages, such as sachets or bags, use tape to seal them shut. This will prevent the spices from spilling out and mixing with other items.
  3. Wrap each spice container individually in plastic wrap: Take each spice container and wrap it tightly with plastic wrap. This additional layer of protection will help secure the lid and prevent any potential leakage.
  4. Wrap glass jars and bottles in packing paper and/or bubble wrap: For glass jars and bottles of spices, provide extra protection by wrapping them in packing paper or bubble wrap. This will safeguard them against any potential breakage during the move.
  5. Secure the wrapping in place with packing tape: After wrapping each spice container or glass jar, secure the wrapping with packing tape. This will keep everything in place and provide further reinforcement.
  6. Cover sliding tops of spice dispensers with masking tape and wrap with plastic wrap: If you have spice dispensers with sliding tops, cover them with masking tape to prevent accidental opening. Then, wrap the entire dispenser with plastic wrap to ensure it stays closed throughout the move.
  7. Put all your spice containers and packages in thick zip-lock bags: Even with the added protection, there is still a possibility of spills or breakage. To avoid any mess or damage to other items, place all the spice containers and packages in thick zip-lock bags. These bags will contain any potential spills and keep your spices safely contained.

By properly sealing your spices, you will minimize the risk of spills or breakage during transit. This will help ensure that your valued seasonings reach your new home in excellent condition. Now that your spices are securely sealed, it’s time to pack them for the move.

Pack your spices in a safe and efficient manner

When it comes to packing your spices for the move, there are two primary options that you can consider:

Pack your spices in a small box:

– Place all your properly wrapped and sealed spice containers in a small, sturdy box.

– Ensure the bottom of the box is lined with packing paper to provide additional cushioning.

– Arrange the spice containers in the box, making sure there is no empty space that could cause shifting during transit.

– If there is any remaining empty space, fill it with crumpled paper for further stability.

– Seal the box shut with packing tape, ensuring the spice containers are completely immobile within the box.

– Don’t forget to label the box clearly as “Spices” or “Pantry” so that you can easily locate it in your new home.

Note: It is important to use strong boxes when packing spices for the move. If a box of pantry items breaks, plastic containers may burst, and glass jars or bottles could shatter. Consider using durable plastic boxes with sealable lids for added protection.

Pack your spices in pots and crock pots:

– To save space and keep your spices secure during the move, consider packing them in the pots or crock pots that you plan to take with you to your new home.

– Start by placing a piece of packing paper on the bottom of a large pot or crock pot.

– Arrange your properly sealed spice containers and bags within the pot, using crumpled paper to provide cushioning and prevent movement.

– Place the lid over the pot and use plastic wrap to secure it and keep it from opening during transit.

– Finally, pack the pot or crock pot in a larger cardboard box and label it accordingly.

By packing your spices either in a small box or within pots and crock pots, you can ensure their safe transport during the move. Remember to choose the method that suits your moving needs and available packing materials.

Now that you know how to pack your kitchen spices for the move, you can proceed with confidence, knowing that your valuable seasonings will arrive intact in your new home. Having your favorite spices readily available will help you feel at home and comfortable in your new kitchen from the very start.


Packing spices for a move requires careful attention to ensure their safety and preservation. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can efficiently pack your kitchen spices and bring them to your new home without any hassle or risk of damage.

Start by decluttering your pantry and deciding which spices are worth keeping and bringing along. Dispose of expired or stale items and consider donating or offering inexpensive pantry items that can be easily replaced. Once you have identified the spices you want to take with you, seal them up properly to prevent spills or leaks during transit.

Choose between packing your spices in a small box or utilizing pots and crock pots for space-saving and secure packaging. Ensure that your spice containers are immobilized and well-cushioned within the chosen packing method. Don’t forget to label the boxes or pots for easy identification upon arrival at your new home.

By taking the time to pack your spices correctly, you can avoid the need to replace expensive and hard-to-find seasonings, saving you both time and money. Unpacking your spices in your new kitchen will allow you to feel familiar and comfortable as you settle into your new space and embark on culinary adventures.

With this detailed guide on how to pack spices for moving, you can now approach the task with confidence and ensure that your treasured seasonings arrive at your new home ready to enhance your meals and bring a taste of familiarity to your new surroundings.

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