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How to Microwave Grits: A Quick and Easy Southern Breakfast Recipe

Grits are a staple in Southern cooking and can be the perfect breakfast dish for anyone looking for a quick, convenient, and easy meal.

Microwave cooking has become increasingly popular over the years, so why not try to microwave your grits?

How to Microwave Grits

In this post, we’ll discuss the benefits of microwaving grits, give you a step-by-step guide on how to do it, provide precautions to take when microwaving grits, factors that affect cooking time, expert tips for perfectly microwaving grits, advantages and disadvantages of microwaving them, frequently asked questions about microwaving grits, and conclude with some final thoughts.

Why You Should Consider Microwaving Grits

Microwave cooking has become a popular method for preparing food because it is fast and easy. Here are some benefits of using a microwave to cook your grits:

It’s Quick

When you’re in a rush or have limited time in the morning but still want a hot breakfast meal that will stick with you throughout the day, then microwave-cooked instant grits can be your go-to option. It takes just a few minutes compared to traditional stovetop preparation.

It’s Convenient

Microwave cooking is convenient because it requires less preparation time than other methods like stove-top boiling or oven baking. You need no pots or pans except the bowl you use to cook your grits in.

Step-by-Step Guide on How To Microwave Grits

Follow these simple steps on how to make microwave-cooked instant grit:

Step 1: Add Grits to a microwave-safe bowl

Measure out one cup of instant grits and pour them into a large microwave-safe bowl. Be careful not to fill the bowl more than half full so that it won’t overflow during cooking.

Step 2: Pour in Water or Milk

Next, add two cups of water or milk to the bowl containing the grits and stir. If you want your grits creamier, you can increase the amount of water or milk.

Step 3: Microwave on high for 5 Minutes

After mixing, place the bowl in the microwave oven, set on high power and cook for five minutes. Stir every minute until all lumps are dissolved.

Step 4: Add Flavorings, Salt and Butter

Mix your grits with salted butter as much as needed before eating. Additionally, many people add various flavorings like cheese or garlic; you can experiment with them until you find your favorite taste.

Repeat steps one through three above for making enough servings.

Precautions for Microwaving Grits

When using a microwave oven to cook instant grits follow these precautions:

  • Use a heat-resistant container that can safely withstand high temperature
  • Do not over-fill containers
  • Keep an eye out during cooking in case it boils up outside of the dish
  • Do not handle hot containers without oven mittens.

Factors Affecting Cooking Time

Several factors will affect how long it takes to cook your grits in a microwave oven depending on how powerful the equipment is or whether other temperature influences exist around it:

  • Power output of Microwave ovens ranges between 600W –1200W which will affect how fast or slowly cooking might take place.
  • The type of container used also affects heat distribution patterns because some materials absorb microwaves while others reflect them leading either faster spread throughout ingredients or slow-baking outcome.
  • Microwave-safe dishes with plastic covers or wrapable materials offer a good seal that avoids steam from escaping out but heating more quickly at the same time.

Expert Tips for Perfectly Microwaving Grits

Here are some expert tips to use for getting perfectly microwave-cooked grits every time:

Use hot liquids

Using hot liquid, whether water or milk, will speed up the cooking process and prevent lumps in your grits. Warm liquids also help to maintain heat in your dish, making them cook evenly.

Stir frequently

Stirring frequently during the cooking process ensures that there is an even heat distribution in your bowl. A well-stirred bowl of grits will have no lumps and therefore give you a smoother texture to enjoy.

Adjust Power Depending on Microwave Power Output

It’s important to adjust power depending on microwave output by either lowering or raising it thoughtfully so as not to burn off the whole meal before it’s ready.

Advantages of Microwaving Grits

There are several advantages of microwaving grits:

  • Convenience: It’s relatively an easy and convenient way to prepare a meal without requiring too much i.e.boiling water on stove top hence saving you time.
  • Cost-effective: You don’t need any specialized equipment apart from maybe measuring cups and bowls plus electricity bills when compared against other appliances like stovetop etc.
  • Great Taste: Using microwave-prepared with flavorful seasonings can be way better taste-wise than traditional stove-top cooked versions that are sometimes unexpectedly overcooked leading into a bland tasting outcome.

Disadvantages of Microwaving Grits

Microwave-cooking has some downsides:

  • Texture Change: Fine-grained instant grit may not work well in this preparation method if over-microwaved due to high moisture dissipation leading onto off-flavors and unattractive presentation.
  • Nutrient Loss: Microwaving may destroy some of the naturally occurring food nutrients such as vitamins by overheating that got formed using alternative cooking procedures.
  • Uneven-cooking throughout: Microwave may sometimes result in unevenly cooked food because heat distribution is not always uniform. This occurs especially when small pockets of your dish cook faster than the rest.

Frequently Asked Questions about Microwaving Grits

Here are a few frequently asked questions about microwave-cooked grits:

How long should I cook my instant grits for microwaving?

Cooking time depends on microwave wattage and how much you are preparing; therefore set in intervals of 1 minute stir and review until fully cooked.

How can I make my grits creamier during the microwaving process?

You can minimise water and maximise your milk or substitute cream-milk. This will make your bowl of creamier consistency to enjoy.

How do I avoid lumpy microwave-cooked grits?

To avoid lumps, always mix thoroughly before microwaving, stop midway during cooking in intervals to stir up contents then reheat again depending on the wattage output being used.


Microwave-cooked instant grit is an easy way to prepare a quick hot breakfast meal if done correctly, so why not give it a go! Remember to check appropriate precautions and follow guidelines when preparing your meals to avoid any hazards. Furthermore, experiment with different seasonings until you find one that suits your taste buds perfectly!

There’s something about a bowl filled with creamy hot instant-grits topped with bacon crumbles, eggs or cheese that has us sold every time – at any time of day! We hope this post has been helpful in guiding you on how best to microwave-grit preparation worth trying out today for ultimate convenience-food at its finest.

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