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How Long to Cook Filet Mignon in The Oven at 350 Degrees

Filet mignon is a tender cut of beef that’s often served as a steak or on its own as a main course.

Its high fat content makes it perfect for roasting, grilling, and broiling. But how long do you cook it at 350 degrees?

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How Long to Cook Filet Mignon in The Oven at 350 Degrees

And what’s the best temperature to serve it at? Well, below are some cooking times for different temperatures.

Remember, the temperature plays a big role in determining the quality of your meal. You want your steak to be juicy, flavorful, and tender. So you need to take the time to monitor it closely.

How Long to Cook Filet Mignon in The Oven at 350 Degrees

How Long to Cook Filet Mignon in The Oven at 350 Degrees

It takes 40 minutes to bake filet mignon in the oven at 350 degrees. The cooking time depends on the thickness of the filet mignon. A thinner filet mignon will take less time to cook and come out more moist.

So, if you wish to make sure the mignon is cooked, don’t rely solely on the suggested cook time. Instead, you should test the meat with a fork. When the fork can make a clean break, it’s done.

If you prefer your filet mignon to be very rare, you might want to cook it for less time. You could even add a little bit of butter to the filet mignon and increase the oven temperature to 450 degrees to get a rarer filet mignon. This is not recommended, however, because the mignon will dry out. So, you need to be sure to cook it for a sufficient amount of time.

What Are Other Temperatures To Cook Filet Mignon In The Oven?

Other Temperatures To Cook Filet Mignon In The Oven

You have to be careful when choosing the right temperature for baking filet mignon. If you choose too low a temperature, it will take a long time to bake and it will not be done by the time you are ready to serve the meat. On the other hand, the higher the temp, the shorter the cooking time.

Hence, if you want to get a filet mignon that is done in record time, choose a high temp. But if you want the meat to be juicy and tender, you need to choose a moderate temp. To bake a filet mignon in the oven, choose a moderate temp of 325 degrees for about 30 minutes. The filet mignon will be done when it turns completely opaque in color and the meat juices are no longer pink.

If you prefer your filet mignon cooked rare, it should take a little longer. Choose a moderate temp of 350 degrees for about 40 minutes. Cooking at this temp will give you a rare filet mignon that is very moist and tasty.

Cooking a filet mignon at 375 degrees in the oven will take about 45 minutes. The meat will be done when it turns a light golden brown and has a slight crust on the outside.

You can even choose to put the filet mignon in the oven at 375 degrees and then finish it in a hot oven to get a crispy crust. This will take another 5 minutes.

Which Is The Best Temperature For Cooking Filet Mignon In the Oven?

To cook filet mignon in the oven, you should go for a temperature of 450 degrees F. This ensures that you get a perfectly cooked Filet Mignon. The color of the meat will be evenly reddish and the texture will be tender.

If you are a meat lover, cooking at the higher temperature will be a great choice. Not only does it give you the best results, it also makes your oven safe.

Personally, I like to cook at 450 degrees, and when I do, I use the convection setting to ensure a constant heat. This ensures me that no matter how long it takes, it will be done perfectly.

How To Cook Filet Mignon In The Oven Fast?

If you love filet mignon, then you know that cooking steak is a process that takes time. However, there are ways that you can help to speed up the cooking process.

Here are 3 tips to keep in mind for cooking filet mignon faster in the oven.

1. Get The Best Cut

The first thing you should think about when buying a steak is the cut. This can have a big impact on how it cooks. For example, filet mignon is one of the most popular cuts of beef, but it takes longer to cook than other cuts of beef. So, if you want to take full advantage of your filet mignon, then make sure that you get the best cut.

If you’re not sure about the quality of your steak, then it’s always worth getting it checked out by a butcher. A good butcher will be able to tell you the proper cut for the steak. They can also tell you how long the steak will cook for. This is important because it can help you decide when to remove the steak from the oven.

2. Make Sure That You Wash Your Meat Before You Cook It

Washing your filet mignon will remove any dirt and bacteria that may be present on it. This is an important step because it will help your meat to cook faster. In fact, this is why many people like to pre-cook their filets before they serve them at a Christmas dinner.

This will allow the meat to continue cooking while the rest of the meal is prepared. If you’re planning on serving a filet mignon for Christmas dinner, then don’t forget about this step.

3. Choose The Right Oven Temperature

If you’re using a conventional oven, then there’s no need to worry about cooking your filet mignon in a particular temperature. However, if you’re using a convection oven, then you should take some time to consider what temperature you want to use.

The best way to do this is by reading the manual that came with your oven. For example, you may find that the oven can be set to either 450°F or 500°F. Make sure that you choose the right temperature for the food you’re cooking.

It may be tempting to set the temperature to a higher level, but it’s important to remember that higher temperatures will cause the meat to dry out faster. This means that the meat will take longer to cook.

So, you’ll need to set your oven to a lower temperature if you want to ensure that your filet mignon is cooked all the way through.

What To Serve With Filet Mignon?

Mushrooms go really well with beef filet mignon. This is because beef is a bit rich in protein, and mushrooms enhance that protein-rich flavor. The best way to cook mushrooms is to sauté them in a bit of butter and add some garlic. They will take less than ten minutes to finish and will be done perfectly.

If mushrooms aren’t your thing you can use cremini mushrooms or brown mushrooms instead. The other option is to sauté the mushrooms in a bit of butter and garlic.

In fact, mushrooms go well with almost any kind of meat. If you want to try something different, go for a mushroom and polenta side dish. Add a few pieces of sauteed mushrooms on top of polenta and you are all set.

If you want the traditional side dish to go with beef filet, go for baked potatoes. Use your favorite sweet potato variety for the perfect side dish.

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