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20 Best Sauces for Chicken Sandwiches – Elevate Your Home-Cooking Game!

Ah, sauces for chicken sandwiches – they’re like the secret handshake of the sandwich world. When it comes to jazzing up a chicken sandwich, I say, go big or go home!

25 Best Sauces for Chicken sandwiches

Why settle for a plain jane chicken sandwich when you can slather it in a sauce that’ll make your taste buds do a happy dance? I’m talking about sauces that can take you on a flavor roller coaster – from the creamy dreaminess of classic mayo to the fiery kick of sriracha, and everything in between.

It’s like throwing a party between two slices of bread. Each sauce is a character, bringing its own vibe to the sandwich shindig. So, let’s dive into the saucy escapade and turn that humble chicken sandwich into a culinary rockstar!

20 Excellent Sauce Ideas For Chicken Sandwiches

When I’m in the kitchen, getting the sauce right is a game-changer for my chicken sandwiches. It can turn the ordinary into extraordinary! Whether you adore classic flavors or crave something with a kick, these 20 sauces will make your chicken sandwiches sing.

Classic Mayo

I just love how Classic Mayo adds a creamy and tangy balance to a chicken sandwich. Sometimes, simple is simply the best.

Spicy Sriracha Mayo

For those who like it hot, a dollop of Spicy Sriracha Mayo brings that fiery zing that gets taste buds dancing.

Honey Mustard

Honey Mustard is my go-to for a sweet and tangy kick. It’s the perfect companion that never overshadows the star: the chicken.

Garlic Aioli

Rich Garlic Aioli is a garlicky godsend that infuses a Mediterranean flair into every bite of chicken sandwich.

Chipotle Sauce

Smoky Chipotle Sauce offers a robust flavor with a spicy attitude that takes your chicken sandwich on a Southwest adventure.

Ranch Dressing

Cool and herby Ranch Dressing is like a little black dress for chicken sandwiches; it goes with just about everything!

BBQ Sauce

The smoky sweetness of BBQ Sauce will transport you straight to a summer cookout, no matter the season.

Buffalo Sauce

Bold Buffalo Sauce brings the heat and the tang, perfect for recreating that classic wings taste in sandwich form.

Pesto Mayo

Fresh Pesto Mayo combines basil, Parmesan, and pine nuts for a taste of Italy slathered right onto your sandwich.

Avocado Crema

Creamy Avocado Crema is a refreshing twist with its smooth texture and hints of lime and cilantro.

Cilantro Lime Sauce

Cilantro Lime Sauce is a zesty little number that adds a splash of freshness without overpowering the senses.

Blue Cheese Dressing

A pungent and tangy Blue Cheese Dressing complements the chicken with its unique and bold cheesy notes.

Horseradish Cream

For those who enjoy a bit of bite, Horseradish Cream gives a piquant pizzazz that wakes up the palate.

Sweet Chili Sauce

Sweet with a subtle kick, Sweet Chili Sauce is my secret weapon for a chicken sandwich with a bit of an Asian flair.

Caesar Dressing

Classic Caesar Dressing, with its savory Parmesan and anchovy depth, transforms any chicken sandwich into a gourmet meal.

Tartar Sauce

The pickled perfection of Tartar Sauce offers a tangy contrast that’s particularly divine with a crispy chicken fillet.

Remoulade Sauce

A Louisiana favorite, Remoulade Sauce, melds herbs, capers, and a hint of heat for a Creole kick that’s irresistible.

Teriyaki Glaze

Sweet and a tad salty, Teriyaki Glaze gives your chicken sandwich a glossy finish with a punch of umami.

Tzatziki Sauce

Cool and cucumbery Tzatziki Sauce is a light and refreshing Greek-inspired delight, fabulous on a grilled chicken sandwich.

Balsamic Mayo

A drizzle of Balsamic Mayo marries the richness of mayo with the tang of balsamic vinegar for a sophisticated finish.