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11 Herbs That Go with Beetroot

Beetroot is a gorgeous root vegetable, and it’s great for you.

It provides loads of vitamins and minerals, and it tastes amazing!

But have you ever tried to think about what herbs go well with beetroot?

What Herbs Go with Beetroot

And which ones bring out the best flavor of this fantastic vegetable?

We’ve got you covered with this list of 11 herbs that pair perfectly with beetroot.

Let’s get started!

What Herbs Go with Beetroot?


There’s nothing quite like a beetroot, is there?

It’s earthy, it’s sweet, and it’s just screaming for you to roast it and drizzle it with goat cheese—but sometimes you want to do more.

You want to dress up your beetroot to make it the star of the show.

That’s why we’ve put together this list of 11 herbs that pair perfectly with the iconic red vegetable.

1. Rosemary


Rosemary goes well with beetroot because of how well its aroma pairs with the earthy taste of beets.

It also helps to bring out the sweetness of the beets—and if you’re using golden beets, it might even help your dish look a little more appetizing!

Add 1 teaspoon of finely chopped rosemary to your beetroot dish during the last 5 minutes of cooking time.

2. Thyme


Thyme brings out the subtle aniseed flavor of beetroot.

It also pairs well with cheese and cream (if you’re using them in your recipe).

You should add 1 teaspoon of finely chopped thyme during the last 5 minutes of cooking time.

If you are making a dip that has cream or cheese as an ingredient, sprinkle dried thyme on top before serving.

3. Basil


One of the most common herbs that go well with beetroot is basil.

It’s a great contrast to the strong flavor of beetroot and adds an almost citrus-y flavor when you eat it.

This herb can be used fresh or dried and goes well with both raw and cooked dishes.

How much should I use?

About 1 tablespoon (1/2 ounce) of fresh basil per serving.

When should I add it?

Add basil to your dish towards the end of cooking time so it retains its brilliant green color and lovely aroma.

How do I prepare it?

Preparation for this herb is super easy—just chop up about one cup of leaves into small pieces!

You can also use dried basil if you don’t have any on hand but will need about half as much since dried herbs tend to lose their flavor over time so they won’t have as strong an impact on your dish.

4. Parsley


Parsley is an herb that’s best added during the final cooking process of your beetroot dish.

It only takes about 15 minutes to infuse a dish with parsley, so it’s best to add it near the end of the cooking process if you don’t want your parsley to lose flavor.

To prepare parsley for preparation, simply tear off the leaves and throw them into your dish!

5. Chives


Chives are a member of the onion family that provide a mild bite to your beetroot dish.

They’re easy to grow at home and take very little prep time—just chop them up and add them to your salad or slaw!

They go well with both cooked and raw beets.

How much should I use?

Use about 1 tablespoon for every 2 cups of beets.

When should I add it?

It’s best to add chives at the end of cooking so that their flavor isn’t lost. They can be added as a garnish after cooking as well.

How do I prepare it?

Just chop up the fresh chives into small pieces (about 1/8-inch) and toss in with your beets!

6. Dill


Dill is an exceptional pairing for beetroot because it’s such a distinct flavor and brings out the best in the slight sweetness of the beets.

The amount of dill you want will depend on your tastes, but we suggest starting with 1 teaspoon dried dill weed and adjusting upward from there until you find what works for your palate.

We also find that adding it toward the end of cooking time makes for a better outcome.

7. Tarragon


Tarragon is the perfect herb to use when you’re looking to add some complexity to your beets.

It has a sweet, anise-like flavor with hints of licorice and fennel.

Because it’s so mild, it works well in a variety of dishes—especially salads.

Try pairing tarragon with beets in this recipe for Moroccan Beetroot Salad With Yogurt Dressing!

8. Oregano


Oregano is another great choice for adding depth to your beets.

It has a strong flavor that cuts through other ingredients without overpowering them, which makes it perfect for salads like this simple strawberry salad with feta cheese and balsamic drizzle.

Oregano can also be used as part of the seasoning for roasted beets: try tossing some chopped-up fresh leaves into your next batch of roasted beet chips!

9. Marjoram


Marjoram is an herb with a sweet and spicy flavor profile.

It adds an exciting kick of flavor that pairs well with the earthiness of beetroot.

Marjoram can also help bring out the natural sweetness in beetroot.

It’s great on its own when you’re cooking with beetroot but also works well as part of a spice blend.

If you want to use marjoram as part of a recipe, it’s best to add it at the end so that you can really taste its authentic flavor.

10. Sage


For something a little more exotic, try adding beetroot and sage to your next dish!

Sage’s woody, spicy notes pair perfectly with beetroot in a variety of dishes: from salads to soups, sandwiches, and stews.

Use one tablespoon of dried sage per serving—add it early on in cooking (in the case of a stew or soup) or right before serving (for a salad or sandwich)—and crush it between your fingers as you add it to your dish.

11. Mint


Mint is a great herb to go with beetroot because it adds a fresh, bright flavor to the earthy and sometimes bitter taste of this root vegetable.

When making a salad, try adding finely chopped mint leaves to your beetroot and goat cheese.

The combination is delicious, and it really helps to bring out the natural flavors of the ingredients without covering them up.

You can also combine mint with beetroot in a smoothie for a refreshing morning drink.

Mint makes smoothies made from beetroot less sweet, which can help make the taste easier to swallow for people who do not like the taste of this vegetable.


Herbs and beetroot are truly a dynamic duo, and we are sure that you will love the results of their pairing.

We hope this list has given you some ideas for new combinations to try out with your own dishes. But if you feel overwhelmed by the options, we have one more suggestion: just wing it!

Grab some fresh herbs, chop ’em up, sprinkle them over your roasted beetroot. You won’t be disappointed!


11 Herbs that Go Well with Beetroot

Beetroot is a deliciously versatile root vegetable, and it can be cooked in so many different ways.
But when you're looking for something to pair with beetroot to make it even better, what should you choose?
Herbs are a great place to start. Herbs add flavor without adding any bulk or caloric content to your beetroot dish, and they can make the difference between just good and AMAZING.
Prep Time 2 minutes
Cook Time 2 minutes
Total Time 4 minutes
Course Spices
Cuisine American
Servings 4 people
Calories 45 kcal


  • Rosemary
  • Thyme
  • Basil
  • Parsley
  • Chives
  • Dill
  • Tarragon
  • Oregano
  • Marjoram
  • Sage
  • Mint


  • Pick any of the herbs from this list to pair with your beetroot.
  • Prepare the rest of your tasty meal.
  • Be ready to munch in no time.
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