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Wiener Schnitzel (Easy Recipe)

Some folks like to watch a video instead of reading.

So, we found some helpful ones for you.

You’ll love the simple yet fantastic taste of this classic Wiener Schnitzel dish.

It’s made with tender veal cutlets, perfectly breaded, and fried to a golden brown.

The best part of Wiener Schnitzel is its crispy outside and juicy inside.

Anyone can make it at home, and guests will love the crunch.

This easy German recipe will make your kitchen feel like Austria.

Making Wiener Schnitzel is quick, and the taste is amazing.

Enjoy your cooking adventure with this crispy dish.

Exact Ingredients You’ll Need

To make an authentic Wiener Schnitzel dish, gather simple ingredients. You’ll start with high-quality veal cutlets, about 1 ½ pounds. They are the tender base for your dish. Next, you’ll need all-purpose flour for coating. It helps the cutlets keep the egg and breadcrumbs on.

Mix two large eggs with a bit of milk. Add in grated Parmesan cheese. This mixture brings a tasty flavor. Also, put in minced parsley, kosher salt, ground pepper, and a bit of nutmeg. These make your mix smell great.

Then, you need breadcrumbs. They give your Schnitzel its crispy outside. After coating the cutlets, chill them for an hour. This makes the coating stick better when you fry them. Using plenty of butter for pan-frying makes a perfect, golden-brown crust.

To finish, serve your schnitzel with a lemon wedge. It balances the rich, fried taste. Plus, it makes the veal cutlets even more delicious.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Start a fun journey in the kitchen with simple steps for the best Schnitzel. Begin by pounding veal cutlets between wrap till ¼-inch thick. This embraces a traditional technique to keep them equally tender.

Next, arrange three dishes for the breading station. Fill the first one with flour. In the second, mix eggs, Parmesan cheese, and milk. The third should hold dry breadcrumbs. Dip the veal in flour first for a light layer.

Then, move it through the egg mix, making sure it’s well-coated but gently. End by covering with breadcrumbs, gently pressing for a crunch. This follows Austrian cooking methods and is key to a crispy Schnitzel.

Let the coated cutlets cool in the fridge from one hour to overnight. This makes the coating stick better. When you’re set to cook, melt butter in a pan until it’s bubbly. Then, fry the cutlets till they’re golden on each side.

To finish, add a squeeze of lemon juice when serving. Enjoy these easy cooking steps and their tasty outcome. This traditional technique brings a mouthwatering Wiener Schnitzel to your table.

Tips & Tricks

Take your Wiener Schnitzel to the next level with professional cooking tips. First, make your veal, pork, or chicken ¼-inch thick for perfect cooking and texture.

Use the traditional Austrian technique when breading. Start with flour, then egg wash, and end with breadcrumbs. Gently coat the meat. Don’t push too hard. You want a light, crispy crust.

For a crispy finish, use good butter or oil in a hot skillet. The breadcrumbs should sizzle right away. This is key for a perfect frying techniques and that crunchy outside.

Feel like a real chef by gently moving your Schnitzel in the pan. This makes the color even and cleans up easily.

Last step, enjoy your Schnitzel right off the skillet, with lemon. These steps will make your dish taste great and look beautiful.

Serving Suggestions

Make your Wiener Schnitzel meal even better with special sides. They match well with the main course and make it all taste great. Think about adding a crunchy cucumber salad, a soft potato salad, or some tasty fries next to your Schnitzel. These are classic sides that make the meal balanced and yummy.

Dive into the world of German and Austrian food more by trying new recipes. Pick sides that are as simple and good as the Schnitzel itself. This makes your entire meal a true taste of Austria.

For a tastier meal, you might add things like:

  • A fresh green salad with tangy vinaigrette
  • Vegetable medley sautéed in butter
  • Traditional Austrian potato pancakes (Kartoffelpuffer)

Just remember, the right sides won’t hide the deliciousness of your Schnitzel. They will bring out its amazing flavors. So, each bite of your meal will be like a party for the tastebuds, celebrating Austrian food.

How to Store

When enjoying Wiener Schnitzel, keeping it fresh is key. To store your Schnitzel leftovers, first let them cool. Then, put them in an airtight container. This keeps them from drying out.

Next, keep the container in the fridge. Your Schnitzel will stay tasty for up to three days.

To keep your Schnitzel crispy when reheating, skip the microwave. Instead, use an oven or a skillet. If you use an oven, preheat it to 350°F (175°C) and heat the Schnitzel for 10-15 minutes. If using a skillet, add a bit of oil or butter. Heat each side until it’s warm.

By saving your Schnitzel the right way and reheating it properly, you’ll love every bite. It makes all the cooking effort worth it.

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