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What to Serve with Lasagna in Winter Months

Lasagna is a perfect comfort food, especially when the weather outside is frightful. It’s hearty, satisfying, and best of all, it’s cheap.

If you’re like me and find yourself going through a rough time in winter, making lasagna is a great way to make the most of your slow cooker and have a warm dish ready to go after a long day.

What to Serve with Lasagna in Winter

Now, you might be wondering what to serve with lasagna in winter.

Well, don’t worry! You won’t have to look too far. Today, I’ll bring you the best side dishes for serving with lasagna in the cold weather.

Let’s take a look at a few of my favorite side dishes to serve with Lasagna in winter.

What to Serve with Lasagna in Winter

What to Serve with Lasagna in Winter Months

You’ll need a little bit of planning and a lot of creativity when it comes to serving lasagna during the winter.

When the weather gets chilly, I like to switch it up by serving lasagna with one of these options:

1. Warm Buttery Polenta

You don’t need to be a trained chef to prepare a great polenta.

All you need to do is melt some butter in a pan, pour in your polenta (a quick and easy version of cooking polenta is to pour it into a lightly greased microwave-safe dish and microwave for 8 minutes on full power), and add a little milk to create a creamy sauce.

You can top this off with some grated cheese if you wish, and if you want to add more flavour, you can add some fresh herbs, garlic, chilli, or bacon.

If you’re after a quick and easy option, you can buy polenta ready made in the supermarket, to save you some time!

2. Roasted Vegetables

A bowl of roasted vegetables is the perfect accompaniment for lasagna in winter, and a great way to use up any root vegetables that are still lurking in the bottom of your fridge.

3. Baked Beans

Another classic side dish to serve with lasagna is baked beans. They’re delicious and they’re super easy to make.

You can cook them in the oven, or you can do as I do and make a big pot of them and top them with some chopped ham and a bit of mustard.

4. Sautéed Carrots

Carrots are a versatile vegetable that’s packed with tons of essential nutrients, and they’re also low in calories.

They can get a bit boring, but if you sauté them in a little oil, add some lemon juice, and toss in a handful of fresh parsley, they can be transformed into a delicious side dish.

Carrots also work well in salads, and you can keep them fresh in the fridge for up to three days if you pop them in a sealed Tupperware container.

5. Mashed Potatoes

Potatoes are a nutritious, filling, and versatile food. They can be roasted, boiled, baked, fried, or mashed up, and they work really well with so many different dishes.

Choose a nice, fluffy potato to serve with lasagna, and add some garlic, salt, and pepper for a tasty side that goes down a treat.

You can also experiment with a variety of other ingredients like leeks, butternut squash, and fresh chives. If you’re feeling lazy, you can always use a packet of ready-made mashed potato mix.

6. Baked Potatoes

What’s great about baked potatoes is that they make an ideal accompaniment for lasagna. They’re filling, nutritious, and easy to prepare, making them a great choice.

Simply bake them in a hot oven alongside your lasagna, and you’ll be eating in no time.

Once you’ve finished, just pop a chunk of garlic bread in the oven to make the rest of your meal complete.

7. Creamy Pasta

When it’s cold outside, a creamy pasta dish is the perfect accompaniment to a hearty lasagna. It’s delicious, filling, and will definitely warm up your guests too.

I like to make my own homemade pasta by hand, but if you’re not a fan of the traditional, knotted pasta, you can always buy a ready-made option instead.

To make your own, all you need is some dried, wholewheat pasta, olive oil, and a little bit of garlic and basil.

I also like to add some ricotta cheese and a few extra herbs and spices like oregano and chilli flakes for extra flavour.

8. Roasted Peppers

Roasted peppers are a great, easy side dish to serve alongside lasagna. The added benefit of this dish is that it is low in calories and packed with vitamin C.

Roasted peppers are also a great way to make sure that your vegetarian/vegan guests are still getting their greens, as they’re packed with all the goodness that comes from roasted vegetables.

9. Stuffed Tomatoes

If you’re serving lasagna during the winter months, a stuffed tomato is the perfect side dish to accompany it.

You can make your own, or you can get a pack of ready-made which is packed with flavour, and is full of fresh ingredients.

Serve it with a green salad on the side if you want to offer some fresh veg for your dinner guests.

10. Cheesy Bread

Cheesy bread is a classic dish, but it’s so nice to have some in the fridge all year round.

It’s a perfect accompaniment to a rich, meaty meal, and it’s a great way of using up all those leftover slices of bread you have stashed away!

Cheese doesn’t need to be the only ingredient here, and you can take this basic recipe and give it a twist by adding lots of flavour.

Try a flavourful tomato sauce or topping, such as pesto, pesto and cream cheese, or a sweet chilli mayonnaise.


When you are preparing a lasagna, it’s very important to choose the right side dish.

If you want to add some pizzazz to your meal, then choose a side dish that is rich in flavor.

You can also choose a side dish that complements the flavor of your lasagna.

Whether you’re looking for a healthy recipe, or one that’s loaded with rich flavors, we have a wide variety of dishes for you to choose from in this article.

No matter what you choose, it’s sure to leave you with a delicious and satisfying meal.

Start out with the appetizer recipes first, and once you’ve tried the delicious dishes, you can move on to the main course.

And remember, the key to making any meal enjoyable is to use the best quality ingredients, so make sure to choose the best side dishes for your lasagna recipes.

What to Serve with Lasagna in Winter

What to Serve with Lasagna in Winter – 10 Easy Sides

Lasagna is a hearty dish that is perfect for the colder months. In winter, you can serve it with a salad or roasted vegetables, or you can choose to have it as a main dish.
If you’re serving it as a main dish, you can opt for a side dish that’s rich in flavor and has a bit of sweetness.
Roasted vegetables like eggplant and sweet potatoes go well with lasagna and complement its flavor.
Prep Time 5 mins
Cook Time 10 mins
Total Time 15 mins
Course Side Dish
Cuisine Italian
Servings 4 people
Calories 300 kcal


  • Warm Buttery Polenta
  • Roasted Vegetables
  • Baked Beans
  • Sautéed Carrots
  • Mashed Potatoes
  • Baked Potatoes
  • Creamy Pasta
  • Roasted Peppers
  • Stuffed Tomatoes
  • Cheesy Bread


  • Pick any of these easy sides to serve with your lasagna when it's cold outside.
  • Prepare the ingredients according to the recipe.
  • Enjoy your lasagna dinner in no time!
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