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Smoked New York Strip Steak Recipe: Juicy and Flavorful Feast

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Scrumptious homemade Smoked New York Strip Steak

Smoking a New York strip steak can transform your usual BBQ experience into something truly special. By smoking the steak at a low temperature before searing it, you will achieve a perfect blend of smoky flavor and juicy, tender meat.

Imagine serving steaks that have absorbed the rich aroma of your favorite wood and wearing that beautiful seared crust. The process is straightforward and doesn’t require expert skills, just a bit of patience and the right technique. Get ready to impress your taste buds and anyone lucky enough to share the meal!

Exact Ingredients (+ Possible Substitutes)

Ingredients for Smoked New York Strip Steak

  • New York Strip Steaks:

    • Use high-quality steaks for the best results.
    • Substitute: Ribeye or sirloin steaks.
  • Olive Oil:

    • Helps to make the rub stick and prevents sticking.
    • Substitute: Canola oil or melted butter.
  • Salt and Pepper:

    • Basic seasoning.
    • Substitute: Sea salt, kosher salt, or garlic pepper.
  • Steak Rub:

    • Adds extra flavor.
    • Substitute: Your favorite spice blend like Cajun or BBQ rub.
  • Wood or Smoking Pellets:

    • Adds the smoky flavor.
    • Substitute: Any wood type you prefer, like hickory, apple, or oak.
  • Butter:

    • Adds richness and moisture.
    • Substitute: Ghee or margarine.

Optional Garnishes

  • Crushed Garlic:

    • Adds a robust flavor.
    • Substitute: Garlic powder.
  • Rosemary:

    • Adds a fragrant, woodsy note.
    • Substitute: Thyme or parsley.

Keep these ingredients handy, and feel free to use the substitutes if needed. This helps you achieve a delicious smoked New York strip steak every time!


  1. Preparation:

    • Place the New York Strip steaks on a cutting board.
    • Apply a thin layer of olive oil on all sides.
    • Season with your favorite steak rub, making sure it’s well coated.
    • Let the rub settle on the steak for at least 30 minutes at room temperature.
  2. Smoking Setup:

    • Preheat your smoker to 180°F.
    • Use wood or pellets of your choice to infuse smoke flavor.
  3. Smoking Process:

    • Place the steaks on the grill, over indirect heat, and close the lid.
    • Smoke until the internal temperature reaches about 120°F. This might take around 30 minutes.
  4. Searing:

    • Remove the steaks from the smoker.
    • Heat a cast-iron skillet over high heat with a bit of oil.
    • Sear each side of the steaks for about 1-2 minutes until a nice crust forms.
    • Alternatively, you can raise the heat on your smoker to 500°F and sear for 30 seconds on each side.
  5. Resting:

    • After searing, place a pat of butter on each steak.
    • Cover with tinfoil and let them rest for about 10 minutes before serving. This helps the juices redistribute for a tender steak.
  6. Final Check:

    • Ensure the internal temperature is at your desired doneness (e.g., 130°F for medium-rare).
    • Adjust cooking time if necessary.

Enjoy your perfectly smoked New York Strip steak!

Recipe Variations & Serving Suggestions

Recipe Variations

  • Herb-Crusted: Before smoking, mix together chopped rosemary, thyme, and garlic. Rub this mixture on the steaks along with your favorite seasoning.
  • Spicy Kick: Add chili powder and cayenne pepper to your usual steak rub for a spicy twist.
  • Garlic Butter: Melt some butter with minced garlic and drizzle it over the steaks after searing.

Serving Suggestions

  • Classic Sides: Serve your smoked New York strip steaks with mashed potatoes, grilled asparagus, or a simple garden salad.
  • Sauces: Add a creamy peppercorn sauce or a red wine reduction on the side.
  • Beverage Pairings: A full-bodied red wine like Cabernet Sauvignon or a rich stout can complement the smoky flavors.

Cooking Tips

  • Resting: Let the steaks rest for at least 5-10 minutes after cooking to allow the juices to distribute.
  • Searing: Sear the smoked steaks in a hot cast iron skillet to get a perfect crust.
  • Flavor: Experiment with different wood chips like hickory, oak, or mesquite for unique smoky flavors.
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