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What Does Royal Crown Cola Taste Like? Is It Worth A Try?

Having been around for over a century, Royal Crown Cola or RC Cola has maintained a distinct flavor profile that sets itself apart from other cola brands.

But what exactly does it taste like, and is it worth trying?

RC Cola, established in 1905, is a brand of cola from RC Cola International, headquartered in Georgia, USA.

Since its inception, it has been known for using a unique recipe that creates a distinct taste.

Despite being a less popular cola compared to other brands such as Coca-Cola and Pepsi, it has built a loyal following among those who have developed a taste for its unique flavor.

What is RC Cola?

RC Cola is a popular brand of American cola made by Independent bottlers from all over the world, each using their own recipe to create the distinctive RC Cola flavor.

This soda brand was originally founded in 1905 in Columbus, Georgia, by a man named Claud A. Hatcher. That year, he partnered with his pharmacist friend, Hatcher, to create a new product: RC Cola.

The brand name came from the concept of being a royal cola and having a crown-shaped bottle. Despite the royalistic branding, RC Cola has always been more affordable than the two biggest cola brands in the world, Coca-Cola and Pepsi.

Since the 1960s, RC Cola has been a part of the neck-and-neck cola wars. However, its target market has always been people who enjoy a “different” kind of cola and don’t like the mainstream cola versions which are considered more common.

RC Cola’s bottle is a bit taller than other colas and has a sloping shape that tapers towards the top. The logo is red and blue with the word “RC” written in white letters on top of an arched, blue, white, and red crown. Its popularity is highest in the southeastern United States, where it originated.

What Does RC Cola Taste Like?

RC Cola has a unique taste that differs from other cola brands. The distinct flavor profile is comprised of cola, vanilla, and fruity notes. The soda’s fragrance has a spicy aroma that leaves the tongue feeling a bit numb.

The flavor is generally sweeter than a typical cola with a slight fruitiness that sets it apart. The taste is best described as being more “complex” than other colas, as it carries with it a strong and long-lasting aftertaste. Some people also describe it as having a “bite.”

The sweetness level of RC Cola is a bit higher than that of its competitors, but it retains a balance between sweet and acidic. The mouthfeel of the soda is also unique since it feels syrupy and smooth, thanks to the use of more sugar in the recipe.

The sweetness of RC Cola generally comes from high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS), which is a type of corn syrup that has been chemically converted into fructose. This conversion makes the sweetness level higher than typical sucrose.

RC Cola’s taste is drier compared to other colas, has a bit of spice and acidity, and a lot of sweetness. But despite its sweetness, it doesn’t leave a sticky feeling or a heavy aftertaste in your mouth. Additionally, its carbonation level is subtle, which aids in complementing the soda’s complex and unique flavor.

Is It Worth Trying?

If you like the sweetness of Coca-Cola or Pepsi but feel that they’re a bit too common for your taste, then RC Cola is worth trying. Its distinct flavor profile makes it an excellent alternative, and it’s easy to appreciate its “complex” taste.

RC Cola is also frequently described as having a smoother and more pleasant taste than most other colas, making it ideal for those who dislike the “bite” that comes with other brands.

Another reason people like RC Cola is that it’s less popular than Coca-Cola and Pepsi, which gives it a bit of exclusivity. Sometimes people want something that isn’t mainstream or the “norm,” and RC Cola provides just that. Its taste stands out because it’s different and has a unique balance of fruity and vanilla flavors that aren’t usually found in other colas.

How to Enjoy RC Cola?

RC Cola can be consumed in various ways and, like other sodas, blends well with alcoholic spirits. Here are some ideas for enjoying this unique cola:

  • Ice-cold RC cola – The best way to enjoy RC Cola is by chilling it in a fridge before drinking.
  • Mixing – RC Cola is a great mixer in cocktails, or it can be used in non-alcoholic beverages too. Try mixing with vodka, rum or blended with your favorite juices or syrups.
  • Pairing – You can also pair RC Cola with your favorite snack. For example, fried chicken or chips and RC Cola are an iconic combination in the southern United States.
  • Float – A good way to enjoy RC Cola is by making a float with vanilla ice cream, topped with whipped cream.


RC Cola, despite being a bit more obscure compared to other colas, is a great alternative to the mainstream brands. Its complex and unique flavor profile is the result of incorporating fruity and vanilla notes that set it apart from other colas on the market. It’s also slightly sweeter and less carbonated, making it smoother and easier to drink.

RC Cola is a great cola to try for people looking for a new cola experience but still want something that tastes similar to what they’re used to. Whether it’s served ice cold or mixed with your favorite spirit, RC Cola is definitely worth a try if you want to satisfy your craving for a new and distinct cola experience.

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