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Olive Garden Chicken Gnocchi Soup

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Olive Garden Chicken Gnocchi Soup

Olive Garden Chicken Gnocchi Soup is known for its cozy feel. It mixes creamy goodness with chicken and gnocchi. Now, you can make it at home in under 30 minutes. This copycat recipe is both easy and tasty.

This gnocchi soup feels like a warm hug, just like the Olive Garden original. It brings together soft chicken, gnocchi, and veggies in a creamy broth. Try this recipe. It will soon be a favorite at your table.

How To Make It (Step by Step)

Want to learn how to make chicken gnocchi soup? First, gather these ingredients:

  • Cooked and diced chicken
  • Freshly chopped celery
  • Diced white onion
  • Minced garlic
  • Shredded carrots
  • Olive oil
  • Low sodium chicken broth
  • Aromatics such as salt, pepper, and thyme
  • Potato gnocchi
  • Half and half
  • Freshly chopped spinach

Got everything together? Now, time to make the soup with this homemade soup recipe:

  1. Firstly, heat some olive oil in a big pot on medium.
  2. Then, toss in the celery, onion, garlic, and carrots. Cook till they are soft and smell great.
  3. Next, add the chicken into the mix and stir it well.
  4. Pour in that chicken broth, and make sure it’s all mixed up good.
  5. Now, add salt, pepper, and thyme for great tastes. Let it simmer for 10 minutes.
  6. Dunk in the gnocchi and cook until they float – that’s how you know they are ready.
  7. After that, mix in the half and half slowly to make it creamy.
  8. Finally, drop in the spinach and cook a bit more until it’s soft.

There you have it, a step-by-step guide to boiling up some chicken gnocchi soup. This dish is thick, rich, and packed with awesome flavors and feels. It’s bound to be a hit with your family!

Tips & Tricks

Making Olive Garden Chicken Gnocchi Soup better needs some cooking tips and tricks. Start by cooking veggies and garlic in butter. This makes your soup taste amazing.

If you use store chicken, cut it fresh instead of buying it ready. Freshly diced chicken makes the soup tastier and nicer to eat.

Want your soup thicker? Make a roux. Mix flour and butter to make your soup creamier and tastier.

To amp up your soup’s flavor, add ground nutmeg. This spice gives your soup a unique taste. It makes your gnocchi soup recipe one of a kind.

How To Make It (Step by Step)

First, get all your ingredients ready. You’ll need some chicken that’s cooked and diced. Also, grab some celery, white onion, garlic, and carrots, all cut up. Add in some olive oil, low sodium chicken broth, and seasonings like salt, pepper, and thyme. You’ll also need potato gnocchi, half and half, and spinach. This homemade soup recipe is perfect for bringing these flavors together.

Start by cooking the veggies in some olive oil. Use a large pot over medium heat. Add the celery, onion, carrots, and garlic. Cook until they’re soft and smell great. This makes a tasty base for your chicken gnocchi soup.

Next, mix in the chicken. Stir it up well with the veggies. Then pour in the chicken broth and add the salt, pepper, and thyme. Let it all simmer. This makes the tasty soup base.

Time to add the gnocchi. Drop it carefully into the pot. Stir it a bit. Cook until the gnocchi is soft and floats up.

Finally, pour in the half and half. Mix it gently. Add the spinach and let it get soft in the soup. These steps make sure your soup is creamy and tasty, a great dish to enjoy.

Serving Suggestions

To really enjoy the Olive Garden Chicken Gnocchi Soup like at the restaurant, think about what goes well with it. A simple, green salad or some warm breadsticks balance the soup’s creamy taste. These choices make your meal feel real Olive Garden.

For a true Italian meal at home, pair this rich soup with other Italian favorites:

  • A fresh Caesar salad with crispy croutons and parmesan.
  • Garlic breadsticks, great for dipping in the soup.
  • Try serving it with crunchy bruschetta, a topping of tomatoes and basil.

These sides make eating more fun and a perfect match for the soup. Putting together these treats at your place can feel just as good as eating out. It turns your home into a cozy Italian spot.

When you serve these sides with the soup, your table feels like the Olive Garden. It makes a great time for you and those you love, promising memories over food.

How to Store

Keeping your Olive Garden Chicken Gnocchi Soup tasty is key. Store it right, and it stays delicious all week. Just put it in a sealed container and in the fridge. This keeps the soup fresh for five days.

If your soup gets thick in the fridge, that’s okay. Just warm it up slowly. Use a stove or microwave, but heat it gently. Stir well to keep it creamy.

Got too much soup? Freezing is a smart choice. Put it in small bowls or bags. This keeps the taste fresh and makes an easy meal later. Thaw the soup in the fridge and warm it up again. With these tips, your soup stays fresh for round two of its Olive Garden taste.

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