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Heaven on Earth Cake

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If you want a new, easy no-bake dessert, this one’s perfect.

The Heaven on Earth Cake is great for summer get-togethers like potlucks or barbecues.

It has a layer of cubed store-bought angel food cake. This makes it easy to make.

You can change the cake to fit what you like. Use pound cake, chocolate cake, or others. Make sure your cake is cool before cutting it. This keeps it airy and light. Mixing sour cream with vanilla pudding makes it rich. Add in a cherry pie filling for sweetness and tartness.

Top with sliced almonds for crunch and looks. You can use different types of almonds or leave them out. Make and enjoy this cake. It’s all about mixing flavors, textures, and being easy to make!

Ingredients List & How To Make It (Step by Step)

Making a Heaven on Earth Cake is very fun. Follow this step by step cake recipe. Cut an angel food cake dessert into 1-inch squares. Put them in a 9×13 dish or a pretty bowl.

Then, add cherry pie filling on the cake squares. Save a little for the top. Next, mix vanilla pudding with milk and sour cream. Let it get thick, then spread it over the cake.

Add cool whip on top for a soft touch. Then, put the rest of the cherry pie filling and maybe some almonds. It gives the cake a nice crunch and look.

Now, put the cake in the fridge for 4 to 5 hours. This makes the flavors mix well, making it taste like heaven. After, enjoy this easy, tasty cake. It has fluffy cake, tangy cherries, and creamy pudding in every bite of this angel food cake dessert.

Tips & Tricks

Make your Heaven on Earth Cake with these easy dessert preparation tips. First, cut the cake into cubes using a serrated knife. This keeps it light. If you baked the angel food cake yourself, make sure it’s fully cooled. This stops it from heating the other layers.

Using a clear trifle bowl makes your cake look good. It makes your dessert look professional. Don’t forget to chill your cake well, preferably overnight. This makes the flavors mix perfectly.

“Don’t rush the chilling process. The longer the cake sits, the better the layers will absorb the flavors!”

For grown-up events, a bit of sherry or wine helps. But, use just a little. The no-fail dessert recipe is open to trying different things. You can use seasonal fruits or new pudding flavors. It all depends on the party.

You can also make it lighter by using Greek yogurt. This swaps out sour cream without losing flavor.

Follow these tips for a great cake. It makes the easy dessert preparation process better. Your Heaven on Earth Cake will shine at every event.

Serving Suggestions

Looking for special dessert serving ideas? The Heaven on Earth Cake is great. Put a scoop of vanilla ice cream or extra whipped cream on it. This makes it taste even better and more fun.

Put fresh berries next to the cake. It makes the cake look better and adds something healthy too.

At a party, it’s good to scoop cake onto plates or in bowls. This makes sure everyone gets a good mix of the cake’s layers.

Serve it with iced tea or lemonade on sunny days. This makes a cool and tasty end to the meal, pleasing everyone.

Use these cake presentation tips at any event. Your Heaven on Earth Cake will wow your friends. They’ll love the taste and how pretty it looks.

How to Store

For any leftover Heaven on Earth Cake, it’s key to store it right. Keeping it fresh is a must. Use a sealed container and put it in the fridge. It’s best to eat within one to two days for the yummiest taste.

If you plan to eat it later, chilling is better than freezing. Freezing can change its feel and you may not like it as much. But letting it cool in the fridge does make the flavors mix nicely.

For the tastiest outcome, make your cake a day before you serve it. Letting it rest in the fridge all night does wonders. It keeps the cake fresh and makes it taste even better. Don’t forget to add almonds just before serving. They make it look and taste extra good.

Remember these dessert storage tips for a great treat anytime. Make the most of your Heaven on Earth Cake with these easy steps!

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