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Green Goddess Salad

Some people like watching videos more than reading. So, I’ve found helpful ones and added them here.

Green Goddess Salad

The Green Goddess Salad got super popular because of a TikTok video. Now, it’s one of the most searched recipes.

This salad mixes vegetables like cabbage and cucumbers. It’s dressed in a creamy, tangy green goddess dressing. It looks and tastes great.

You can change it in lots of ways to suit your taste. Eat it by itself, with tacos, or on toast. The salad is a colorful, healthy way to enjoy vegetables. Plus, adding nutritional yeast gives a cheesy taste and more vitamins.

Exact Ingredients (+ Possible Substitutes)

Your green goddess salad starts with fresh green salad stuff. Including crisp green cabbage and baby cucumbers. Plus, aromatic chives and green onions to boost the taste.

The secret’s in the vegan pesto dressing. Made with basil, spinach, fresh garlic, and shallot. It gets tang from lemons and goes smooth with olive oil. Add raw unsalted cashews or walnuts for a nutty twist. Nutritional yeast gives it a cheesy vibe and nutrition. Rice vinegar makes the dressing pop.

Feel free to switch salad stuff to your liking or needs. Here’s some ideas:

  • Base alternatives: Use kale or your favorite lettuce instead of green cabbage.
  • Nut swaps: Try pecans, almonds, or seeds instead of walnuts for a change or to avoid allergies.
  • Vinegar variations: Test different vinegars like white wine or apple cider for unique tastes.

Tinkering with these changes makes the salad truly yours. It keeps the yum and goodness too.


Making this awesome Green Goddess Salad is easy. It all starts with getting your ingredients ready. First, wash the salad stuff well. Make sure there’s no dirt left. Then, cut the veggies into tiny pieces. This step is key to having tasty, healthy salad. It makes cooking this dish fun and helps the flavors come alive.

Now, let’s talk about the dressing. It’s the star, after all. For the simple vegan dressing, mix lemon juice, olive oil, and rice vinegar in a blender. Then, add the other dressing parts. Blend until it’s thick and ready to pour. Blending mixes the flavors just right. You get a smooth, tangy dressing that goes great with your veggies.

With the veggies and dressing all set, mix them in a big bowl. Pour the herb dressing on top. Stir everything well so the dressing coats every piece. This guide shows making a green goddess salad is easy and fun. You can eat it by itself, with crackers, or with other meals. This salad will brighten up any meal you make.

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