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Greek Chicken Bowls

Some people like watching videos more than reading. So, we’ve included videos here. Now, whether you love to read or watch, you can learn how to make these bowls!

Greek Chicken Bowls

Greek Chicken Bowls bring the Mediterranean to your table. They mix lean protein, fresh veggies, and bold flavors. This recipe is full of color and taste, like a work of art from Greece.

In each bowl, there’s crispy lettuce, juicy peperoncini, creamy feta, and tzatziki. Eating this meal feels like a journey to Greece. It’s perfect for anyone wanting a wholesome, satisfying taste of Grecian summer.

Adding a Mediterranean twist to your meals is simple with Greek Chicken Bowls. Perfect for healthy meal prep or protein dinners. This family favorite is not only delicious but easy to make just how you like it.

Exact Ingredients (+ Possible Substitutes)

  1. Greek yogurt marinade: Mix plain Greek yogurt and top olive oil. It gives a smooth, tasty start.
  2. Protein choices: Pick chicken breasts or thighs. Tofu or chickpeas work well too. They make a fine meatless option.
  3. Aromatic foundation: Use chopped garlic, shallots, and more for a nice smell. If you’re out of fresh, try using dried herbs.
  4. Fresh salad ingredients: Layer Persian cucumbers, avocados, and more. Zucchini or lime can substitute when needed.
  5. Tangy cheese: Feta is your first choice, but try goat cheese instead sometimes.
  6. Creamy dressings: Both tzatziki and ginger tahini work great. You can buy them or whip up your own.
  7. Serving suggestions: Put it all on lettuce, with naan or pita. Fries make it an extra treat.

For a classic or veggie style, these ingredients make a great Greek dish. They are good for health and taste, and you can always adjust to what you like.


Making Easy Greek Chicken Bowls at home is easy. Start by mixing cubed chicken with Greek yogurt and other stuff. Let it sit, so the flavors mix well. You can wait 15 minutes or all night depending on your time.

Then, get your oven ready. This makes sure the chicken is cooked just right. Make the tzatziki and ginger tahini while the chicken roasts. These two sauces add extra flavor and are fun to adjust to your liking.

After the chicken is done, start building your bowls. Add lettuce, cucumber, avocado, and feta. Don’t forget to sprinkle dill on top. Then, add the chicken, tzatziki, and tahini. Enjoy it all with naan, pitas, and fries for a Greek delight.

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