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What Does Emmental Cheese Taste Like?

Cheese lovers will undoubtedly agree that there is a never-ending assortment of cheese types to try.

Emmental cheese or Emmentaler is one of the most famous cheese types globally, and it holds a special place in the Swiss cuisine.

This cheese has inspired several cheese varieties worldwide, thanks to its mild and nutty flavor.

Emmental cheese has a wide range of uses, from cooking to snacking, and understanding its taste can help you determine the best way to enjoy it.

But, what does Emmental cheese taste like?

Emmental cheese tastes mild and nutty, pairs well with most foods and has a tangy flavor that lingers on the palate. Its texture is semi-firm, and it comes with a few small holes.

What is Emmental Cheese?

Emmental cheese, also known as Emmentaler, originates from Switzerland and has made its way to several countries worldwide.

It is a semi-firm cheese made from raw cow’s milk that undergoes a lengthy aging process, sometimes up to 120 days or more.

The cheese features a distinctive appearance with its characteristic small holes dotted throughout. When Emmental cheese ages for longer, these holes become more extensive.

Emmental cheese is one of the most versatile cheese varieties globally and is used in sandwiches, pastas, sauces and more. Additionally, it is often used in fondue and raclette meals due to its fantastic melting point.

What Does Emmental Cheese Taste Like?

Emmental cheese is a perfect balance of mild and nutty flavors that make it an excellent choice for various dishes.

It has a creamy texture, and the small holes throughout the cheese give it a fun and creamy feel when eating.

The cheese’s taste is mild and nutty, which makes it pair well with most foods. Its mild flavor ensures it won’t overpower the dish’s primary flavors, making it perfect for cooking.

The cheese also has a unique tangy flavor that lingers on the palate- this flavor is stronger than the cheese’s mild taste.

Emmental cheese has a buttery texture and a slightly sweet note, which make it enjoyable when eaten on its own.

Cheese fans who love the nutty flavor will enjoy Emmental cheese as it has a more pronounced nutty taste than most mild cheese types.

How to Enjoy Emmental Cheese

Emmental cheese is versatile and is perfect for snacking, cooking, or melting to make sauces.

Here are some ways to enjoy Emmental cheese:

  • Pair it with wine – Emmental cheese pairs well with most wine varieties, but it is particularly great with red wines. The nutty flavors of the cheese balance well with the dryness of wine.
  • Add it to sandwiches – Emmental cheese is delicious when added to sandwiches. You can also use the cheese in paninis or grilled cheese sandwiches for an extra nutty flavor.
  • Melt it – Emmental has a great melting point, making it ideal for fondue or raclette meals. It also makes tasty cheese sauces to pair with pasta, vegetables, or meats.
  • Eat it with crackers – If you want a quick snack, try slicing Emmental cheese and eating it with crackers or toast. The buttery texture of the cheese pairs well with the crunch of the crackers.
  • Add it to salads – For a delicious twist, add Emmental cheese to salads. Shave it or crumble it, and it will add a unique flavor to your salad.
  • Pair it with fruit – Emmental cheese’s nutty and mild taste pairs well with fruit like apples, grapes, and pears.

When purchasing Emmental cheese, always go for a fresh one. It should have a clean aroma, free of any mustiness or sour smell. The cheese should also have a firm but not hard texture.


Emmental cheese is an all-time favorite of many people worldwide, thanks to its mild and nutty flavor.

The cheese has a remarkable versatility, making it ideal for cooking and snacking. It pairs well with most foods, making it an excellent addition to any meal.

While Emmental cheese’s nutty flavor may not be everyone’s preference, its mild and unique taste is definitely worth trying.

Whether you enjoy it on its own or add it to your favorite meal, you’re sure to enjoy the nutty and tangy taste that Emmental cheese offers.

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