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Easy French Dip Sliders

We know watching a video is easier for some.

So, we’ve added helpful videos here.

French Dip Sliders are tasty and different from regular sandwiches.

Just picture small Beef Sliders filled with yummy pastrami, gooey provolone cheese, and tasty caramelized onions.

They are then put in toasted sweet rolls.

These are great for a party or a family dinner.

They are so simple to make, and you can find all the items easily.

Don’t forget the au jus sauce. It can be homemade or from the store.

This sauce makes the Easy Slider Recipes even better.

Need a quick lunch or a savory snack?

These Sandwich Ideas are just what you need.

Exact Ingredients You’ll Need

To make great French Dip Sliders, pick your ingredients with care. You’ll start with creamy mayonnaise to add moisture and taste to the buns. For the meat, choose pastrami–or go with roast beef or corned beef. All are tasty.

Use mild provolone cheese for a creamy melt, or mozzarella. Sweet Hawaiian rolls make perfect buns. They come in different packs. And for a rich flavor, don’t forget caramelized onions. Saute yellow onions in oil and butter with a little sugar.

For a finishing touch, add sesame seeds or Everything Bagel seasoning. And don’t forget the au jus mix. Make sure it’s not too salty. Or buy one that’s ready to use. This seasoning is key for that classic French Dip flavor.

With these ingredients, you’re set to make perfect French Dip Sliders. They’ll be a hit with everyone who tries them.

Step-by-Step Instructions

If you’re wondering how to make French Dip sliders, follow these steps. They’re simple to do and will make a dish people love. First, sauté onions with a bit of sugar in olive oil and butter. Do this until they turn golden brown and sweet. Then, put them away for later.

Next, use a serrated knife to cut the Hawaiian sweet rolls in half. On the bottom half, spread a bit of mayonnaise. This makes the bread soft. Add pastrami on the bottom, making sure each bun gets some.

Put the caramelized onions on the pastrami next. Then, add a slice of provolone. These cheeses will melt perfectly when baked. Finally, add the top buns to finish the sliders.

Now, brush the buns’ tops with melted butter. A little sprinkle of sesame seeds makes them tastier. Put the sliders in the oven in a baking dish. They should soon be golden, with the cheese all melted.

As they bake, make the homemade au jus in the same pan. Mix the au jus seasoning with water as the package says. Adjust the thickness to what you like. This sauce is great for dipping the sliders.

When the sliders are ready, serve them warm. Add a side of the homemade au jus for dipping. Enjoy the mix of beef, melted cheese, and dipping sauce. It’s a delicious meal you’re sure to love.

Tips & Tricks

Enhance your French Dip Sliders with these sandwich preparation tips. Always slice the buns with a serrated knife to keep them soft. This helps them stay fluffy and not get squished.

Don’t have sesame seeds for the buns? No problem. Try using Everything Bagel seasoning. It gives a nice crunch and adds great flavor to your sliders.

Want your sliders to shine? Melted butter on top before adding seeds or seasoning does the trick. It makes them crispy and golden. Every bite becomes a delight.

Making the au jus dipping sauce? Mix it up to get your ideal flavor. Use less store-bought seasoning for a less salty taste. Or, make your own with beef broth. This lets you adjust the taste to match your sliders perfectly.

Got pan drippings from roast beef or prime rib? They’re gold for your au jus. They make the sauce rich and tasty. It adds a whole new level of flavor to you sliders.

Serving Suggestions

Are you throwing a big party or small get-together? Always include Slider Serving Ideas to make your food top-notch. Serve French Dip Sliders for a great meal. Add a fresh salad or roasted veggies for a complete dinner.

Want to make your starters better? Go for Appetizer Pairings with these sliders. Place them near coleslaw, pasta salad, or fresh veggie sticks. This adds fun and fits well with the sliders.

Looking to feed a lot? French Dip Sliders mix well in a big barbecue meal. Add sides like beans, mac and cheese, or cornbread. These Party Food Ideas will make everyone’s meal great.

No matter the event, these sliders are a hit. They have a pull that guests can’t resist.

How to Store

Leftover French Dip Sliders can stay tasty with the right storage. Let them cool first. Then, put them in a sealed container or wrap them in foil. This keeps them moist and fresh, stopping the bread and fillings from going bad.

Put the sliders in the fridge. They’ll stay fresh for 3-4 days. When you want to eat them again, heat in the oven at 350˚F. Cover with foil for about 12 minutes. This makes them taste great again, keeping them juicy. Avoid the microwave, which can make the bread and cheese strange.

Use these easy tips to enjoy your sliders again and again. Good storage means they will still taste amazing later. You can plan your meals better. Whether you have extras or are making some ahead, these steps promise a yummy meal every time.

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