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Easy Chinese Almond Chicken Recipe

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Easy Chinese Almond Chicken Recipe

Our Easy Chinese Almond Chicken Recipe is great for a simple, tasty meal. You just need chicken breast, soy sauce, and almonds. Also, add in veggies like snow peas or water chestnuts. If you’re out of something, it’s okay to swap in what you have. You could use white wine instead of sherry. Or choose from veggies like carrots or red peppers.

Here’s the basic recipe:

  • Core Ingredients: Chicken breast, soy sauce, almonds, and your choice of veggies.
  • Substitutes: Use cashews or peanuts instead of almonds; replace sherry with white wine or chicken broth.
  • Veggie Flexibility: Go wild with carrots, red peppers, mushrooms, or whatever’s in your fridge.

If you’re up for making Chinese almond chicken that’s easy and tasty, gather your ingredients. Let’s start cooking!

How To Make It (Step by Step)

Creating the Easy Chinese Almond Chicken Recipe is simple. Just follow a few steps. For a great taste, keep these instructions in mind:

  1. Marinate the Chicken: Mix garlic, ginger, soy sauce, and cornstarch with the chicken well.
  2. Prepare the Stir-Fry Sauce: Beat chicken broth, sherry, cornstarch, sugar, and soy sauce. Then, put it aside.
  1. Toast the Almonds: Brown the almonds a bit in a pan to make them taste better.
  2. Stir-Fry the Vegetables: Use a hot wok to fry the veggies. Make sure they are crisp yet soft.
  3. Cook the Chicken: Fry the marinated chicken until it turns golden and tasty.
  4. Combine and Thicken: Put the sauce in the wok with chicken and vegetables. Keep cooking till it thickens like you want.

For the best almond chicken, remember these smart cooking tips:

  • Start with the stir-fry sauce. This ensures your cooking goes smoothly.
  • Prepare chicken marinade and vegetables early to cut down cooking time.

Tips & Tricks

Make your Easy Chinese Almond Chicken Recipe the best every time. Follow these almond chicken tips and Chinese almond chicken tricks:

  • Toast the Nuts Separately: Enhance the flavor and crunch of your dish with this step.
  • Use Garlic-Flavored Oil: Frying in this oil makes your meal taste better and smells great too.
  • Prep Vegetables in Advance: Get all your veggies ready before you start cooking. This makes everything easier and keeps you on track in the kitchen.

When you cook with a wok, spread the chicken out in one layer. This avoids overcrowding and helps the chicken cook evenly and get a nice brown color. For a personal twist, you can swap out cooking sherry for chicken broth to suit your taste.

Watch what you eat by picking low-sodium soy sauce. Mix up your veggies to fit your diet.

  • Better Stir-Fry Techniques: Use high heat under your wok. Add ingredients one by one. Your veggies will stay crunchy, and your chicken will be tender and juicy.
  • Perfect Almond Chicken Recipe: By learning these cooking methods and following the tips, your almond chicken will turn out delicious and perfect every time.

Serving Suggestions

Almond chicken goes great with white or brown rice. Noodles are a fine alternative. You can also add more sauce for moisture.

Add extra taste with condiments like low-sodium soy sauce or chili sauce. This dish works well alone, perfect for low-carb eaters.

Here are Chinese meal serving tips to make your meal better:

  • Serve almond chicken with steamed veggies for health.
  • Sprinkle sesame seeds on your chicken for crunch.
  • Try a simple cucumber salad with rice vinegar and a bit of salt.

These tips will make dinner enjoyable for everyone. They fit various tastes and diets well.

How to Store

To keep your Easy Chinese Almond Chicken fresh, the right storage is key. Follow these steps to enjoy the flavors and textures again:

First, store the stir-fry and rice in different airtight glass containers. This stops them from getting soggy and mixes the flavors when reheating.

For short-term freshness, keep the stir-fry in the fridge for up to 4 days. If you want it to last longer, freeze it for up to 3 months. Always label your containers with the date you put them in to know when to use them.

When you’re ready to eat again, reheating is easy. You can use a microwave or the stovetop. Add a little water or oil before heating to keep the food moist.

Knowing how to store almond chicken is important. Whether you’re planning for the week or saving for later, these tips help you enjoy it again!

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