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Dollywood Cinnamon Bread

Some people like watching videos instead of reading.

So, we’ve put some helpful videos in this post.

The Dollywood Cinnamon Bread comes from the famous Dollywood Grist Mill.

It’s a treasured recipe from the Smoky Mountains.

This homemade bread is full of cinnamon and feels light and fluffy.

People usually eat it with apple butter or buttercream icing.

It’s a real Southern treat that gives joy to everyone who tries it.

This bread is special because of its cinnamon brown butter filling.

It’s so easy to tear apart and share with others.

Your kitchen will smell amazing while you bake it.

Trying this recipe at home is fun whether you love to bake or are just starting.

It brings the happiness of Dollywood’s Grist Mill right to your kitchen.

Exact Ingredients You’ll Need

Start your Dollywood Cinnamon Bread with top-notch cinnamon bread ingredients. The secret is using the exact measurements for each part.

First, mix active dry yeast with warm water. This makes the dough rise just right. Add all-purpose flour and kosher salt for great taste. Sweeten it with granulated sugar. And, the dough needs softened unsalted butter too.

For its famous softness, mix dark brown sugar and cinnamon inside. To top it, blend powdered sugar with whole milk or cream. These mixtures make a rich, delightful bread. Remember, using the right amounts is the secret here. Have fun baking!

Step-by-Step Instructions

Want to make a yum Cinnamon bread recipe? Begin by making the dough just right. Then, follow key baking steps to get it perfect. Start by making the brown butter filling.

Brown your unsalted butter in a saucepan until it develops a deep, nutty aroma. Stir in the cinnamon to enhance the flavor, ensuring an even mix.

Now, let’s shape the dough. Let it rise, then roll it into a rectangle. Put the brown butter filling all over. Cut it into strips and twist each one.

For alternative baking vessels, think about what you have. A cast iron skillet is great. But you can also use cake pans. Make sure to adjust your baking times so the bread is just right – crispy outside, soft inside.

The final step is proofing. Let the dough rise in a warm place till it doubles. This is key for the bread to rise well when you bake it. With all these steps, your Cinnamon bread recipe will turn out perfect every time.

Tips & Tricks

Getting the best cinnamon bread is easy with some key tips. They make baking fun and successful. Start by letting your dough rise in the fridge. This makes it taste even better and saves time.

For the yeast, make sure it bubbles well. If it doesn’t, your bread might not rise right. Also, always check the dough’s gluten to see if it’s ready.

“Using a kitchen scale precision to measure your ingredients can significantly impact the consistency of your dough,” says expert baker Mary Berry.

Here are extra cinnamon bread tips for fixing problems:

  • Check your yeast isn’t old and that your water isn’t too hot if the dough doesn’t rise.
  • For better texture and taste, let all ingredients warm to room temp before mixing.

Reheat your bread before serving to showcase its fresh-baked charm. This always makes it the perfect cinnamon bread.

Serving Suggestions

When you think of serving Dollywood Cinnamon Bread, there are many tasty options. For breakfast, you could pair this yummy bread with items like quiche or a big ham and potato casserole. Mixing sweet bread with savory foods makes each dish even better.

At brunch, Dollywood Cinnamon Bread is great with apple butter. This adds a special tang to the bread’s deep cinnamon taste. Other good choices include fruit jams or a powdery sugar glaze, based on what people like.

If you like both sweet and salty, why not try Dollywood Cinnamon Bread with bacon? It’s also nice with a fresh salad. The bread is soft and fluffy, perfect to share. It captures the happy feeling of Dollywood in every bite.

How to Store

Keeping cinnamon bread fresh is important for its tasty flavor. Let it cool after baking before storing. This step ensures its quality.

After it cools, put the bread in a container. It should be airtight. This keeps it fresh and stops it from getting dry.

Want to eat it soon? Keep it at room temp in a closed box. For longer times, freeze it. Wrap in plastic, then in a bag, and freeze.

To enjoy it again, warm it in the oven or microwave. It will feel like you just baked it. These tips help keep cinnamon bread tasting great.

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