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Detroit-Style Pizza Recipe

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The Detroit-Style Pizza Recipe gives you the real taste of Motor City’s famous pan pizza.

Buddy’s Pizza started it all in 1946.

This recipe shows you how to make a pizza with a crispy cheese crust.

You spread cheese all the way to the pan’s edges.

This makes a golden, lacy crust around the pizza.

This pizza uses a high-hydration dough with bread flour. It makes the perfect tender but chewy crust that’s crispy underneath.

Something special about this style is how you put it together.

You start with creamy, tangy brick cheese from Wisconsin brick cheese.

Then you add a thick, seasoned tomato sauce. After that, you can put on some crispy pepperoni.

You use a Sicilian dough and a blue steel pan to get the right shape.

This method is called reverse layering. It helps mix the flavors just right.

That’s why this pizza is not only delicious but also a story of tradition and hard work.

Exact Ingredients You’ll Need

To make a Detroit-style pizza, you must get the right ingredients. Start with brick cheese because it has a rich, tangy flavor and lots of fat. It’s key to getting that gooey, buttery feel that makes this pizza special. Also, use King Arthur bread flour. This flour has a lot of protein. It helps your pizza have a strong inside and a crunchy, big crust.

Rao’s tomato sauce works great if you’re in a hurry or love an easy option. It goes well with the pizza’s other tastes. For a personal twist, add King Arthur Pizza Seasoning, a little olive oil, garlic, and fresh crushed tomatoes. This will make a sauce that is rich and smells great. You can make it less sour by adding a bit of sugar, too.

Brick cheese is the best for the top cheese layer. But, if you don’t have brick, try using low moisture mozzarella. It gives a creamy and buttery feel that goes nicely with the pizza’s thick, chewy bottom.

  1. Brick cheese
  2. King Arthur bread flour
  3. Rao’s tomato sauce
  4. King Arthur Pizza Seasoning
  5. Olive oil
  6. Garlic
  7. Crushed tomatoes
  8. Sugar (optional)
  9. Low moisture mozzarella

With these ingredients, you’re ready to make a real, tasty Detroit-style pizza at home.

Step-by-Step Instructions

To make the perfect Detroit-Style Pizza, start with the dough. Use the autolyse method for best results. This method rests the dough for 30 minutes. It makes the pizza crust just right.

After resting, knead the dough to get a chewy but light crust. It should be sticky yet workable. Let it rest again for better rising. This waiting period might last a few hours, depending on how warm it is.

When the dough has risen, it’s time for the stretch and fold step. Gently pull and fold the dough several times. This builds the dough’s structure well. It also spreads the air inside it for a good rise.

Now, oil your Detroit-style pizza pan and place the dough in it. Be sure the dough covers the pan evenly. This step is important for a balanced rise and a good pizza base.

Then, add your toppings. Put cheese first, making sure it reaches the edges. Add sauce and any other toppings you like. Do this neatly for tasty results.

Finally, bake your pizza at the right temperature. Watch the time carefully. This gives you a pizza with a crispy edge and a delicious center. Enjoy your Detroit-Style Pizza, inspired by the Motor City.

Tips & Tricks

Learning to make Detroit-Style Pizza can be easy. Use the right methods. The traditional way involves kneading. But, the no-knead method is a great choice for a different texture.

Making the dough quickly is possible with a food processor. It gives you a nice gluten without kneading by hand. Just pulse everything until it’s dough. This is a fast and simple way.

If you can’t find the right cheese, it’s okay. You can use cheddar or more mozzarella instead. This will still taste good. However, the crispy cheese edges might be a little different. It’s a good alternative without losing much flavor.

To bake pizza like a pro at home, use a pre-heated pizza stone under your pizza pan. This creates a high heat, just like in restaurants. A pizza stone keeps the heat well. It makes your homemade pizza better.

With these easy steps, your Detroit-Style Pizza will taste amazing. It will have the right texture. Enjoy each bite of your pizza even more.

Serving Suggestions

Authenticity is key when serving Detroit pizza. A well-done Detroit-Style Pizza looks just right, especially the corners everyone wants.

“The best way to savor every bite of your homemade Detroit-Style Pizza is to focus on the nuances that make it unique.”

First, make sure each slice is cut evenly. This helps the crispy cheese edges to shine. Add a fresh salad or lemonade to balance out the pizza’s richness. Serving your guests a well-made Detroit pizza, with its chewy cheese and sweet sauce, makes it a great experience.

Don’t miss the corner pieces, they’re the best. They have crispy edges and the most taste. Enjoy every slice. Detroit pizza is all about simple, great flavors.

How to Store

To keep your Detroit-Style Pizza fresh, store it right. Put leftover slices in airtight containers. Then, quickly refrigerate them. This keeps the pizza yummy for up to five days. Reheat your Detroit-Style Pizza in the oven, not the microwave. It will taste almost as good as fresh. You’ll get a crispy bottom and a gooey top.

If you want to save dough for later, freezing is a good idea. Make the dough in big amounts. Divide it and wrap each part well to prevent freezer burn. You can keep it in the freezer for months without losing quality. Let the frozen dough thaw in the fridge first, then at room temperature. This gets the dough as good as new. It’s ready to be pressed into your pan and baked.

These storing tips will keep your Detroit-style pizza amazing long after it’s baked. Whether it’s saving leftovers or dough, these steps make sure every bite is as tasty as the first.

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