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Cracker Barrel Chicken and Dumplings

I know some folks like videos more than reading.

So, I’ve found a few good ones for you.

Love the feeling of a cozy home?

Then, you’ll really enjoy this Cracker Barrel Chicken and Dumplings recipe.

It makes you think of happy times and tasty meals.

This meal is special, often enjoyed on holidays or family trips at Cracker Barrel.

Making this dish at home brings that warm, fuzzy feeling. It’s just like remembering the good old days. This recipe is simple and tasty, good for any time of day.

You can cook it on the stovetop, in your Instant Pot, or use a slow cooker. It mixes old memories with new, easy cooking.

Many people love the fast way you can make this in a pressure cooker, with 130,000 pins on Pinterest.

It tastes just like the one you get at the restaurant. Make it at home to share some joy and good food with your family!

Exact Ingredients You’ll Need

To make the Cracker Barrel Chicken and Dumplings at home, you need these ingredients:

  • Six cups of chicken broth for a tasty base
  • Two ribs of celery and half an onion for flavor
  • One pound of boneless chicken breasts, simmered until tender
  • Three cups of all-purpose flour, a tablespoon of baking powder, and some salt for dough
  • Milk to mix the dough
  • Salt and pepper for seasoning

To lower the work or save time, you might try a rotisserie chicken. It gives you a head start without losing the cozy feel. Your meal will be like a warm, chicken-filled hug.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Making this classic comfort food is easy and fun. Start by putting chicken broth, celery, onion, and chicken in a big pot. First, bring everything to a boil. Then, lower the heat and let it simmer. This helps the flavors mix well.

As the broth simmers, work on your dumplings. Mix flour, baking powder, and salt. Next, pour in the milk to make a dough. Now, roll the dough flat. You can cut it into thin strips or small squares.

When the chicken is soft and fully cooked, take it out to cool. Put the dough strips into the hot broth. They will cook and make the broth thicker, like a nice gravy. While this happens, cut or tear your chicken into small pieces.

Lastly, add the shredded chicken back to the pot. Season it with salt and pepper to taste. This makes a warm and filling dish. It has rich flavors, soft chicken, and tasty dumplings. It’s perfect for cooking on the stove.

Tips & Tricks

Learning to cook a dish like Cracker Barrel Chicken and Dumplings is easier with key tips. Using pre-cooked rotisserie chicken can save you time but keep your food tasty. When picking the dumpling texture, look for a happy medium. You want them firm but soft. They’ll mix well with the chicken broth.

If you’re into meal prep, know you can freeze the dumpling dough. It helps to make a lot in advance. Just add some fresh herbs like parsley or thyme for more flavor.

Storing leftovers right means they last in the fridge for days. When you’re ready for more, a quick heat-up will keep it tasty and comforting. These tips make your cooking fun and the end result amazing.

Serving Suggestions

When you sit down to eat Cracker Barrel’s Chicken and Dumplings, the right sides make it even better.

Adding classic Southern comfort sides brings a perfect balance to your meal.

Go for green beans or a cool salad to have some veggies and different textures with your meal.

To make your homemade meal special, serve it with classic sides like mashed potatoes or green bean casserole.

For something more creamy and rich, you can’t go wrong with mac and cheese or hashbrown casserole.

Don’t forget about homemade cornbread. It welcomes your guests with a bit of Southern charm.

Are you getting ready for a family dinner or a big get-together? These traditional sides will make it a memorable feast. They truly capture the spirit of a Southern meal.

How to Store

Keep your Cracker Barrel Chicken and Dumplings fresh to enjoy for days. Store leftovers in an airtight container in the fridge. They’re good for four days. This keeps the food fresh and stops it from going bad.

You can reheat them in the microwave or on the stove. Make sure to heat the dumplings well. They should be soft and taste like noodles again. This is key to keeping that warm, cozy feeling when you eat them.

Like to prep meals ahead of time? The dumpling dough can be frozen. It stays good for three months. Just wrap the dough in plastic and freeze it. When cooking time comes, thaw it in the fridge. Then, drop it in boiling broth for a quick, tasty meal. This saves time and lets you enjoy homemade dumplings with ease, even on busy days.

This storing method helps you make meals in advance. By freezing extra batches, you’ll always have Chicken and Dumplings ready. Follow these tips and you can easily enjoy this classic meal whenever you like. This way, your dumplings stay fresh and tasty, offering comfort in every bite.

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