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Cowboy Spaghetti (Easy Recipe)

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Cowboy spaghetti is a quick and easy cowboy spaghetti recipe.

It adds an American twist to the classic Italian dish.

This dish uses fire-roasted tomatoes and crispy bacon.

It gives a warm, smoky taste that’s really filling.

It also has a little heat from sriracha and Worcestershire sauce, plus melted sharp cheddar cheese.

This makes the spaghetti an irresistible comfort food with a western vibe.

This cowboy spaghetti recipe is versatile and easy to customize.

You can add beans, olives, or mushrooms based on what you have.

The simple cooking process makes it great for weeknights.

Just add a side salad or garlic bread for a full meal.

Try this homemade cowboy pasta.

You’ll love making and eating it!

Exact Ingredients You’ll Need

To make cowboy spaghetti, get these key items:

  1. Dry spaghetti
  2. Extra-virgin olive oil
  3. Thick slices of bacon
  4. Lean ground beef
  5. Chopped onions
  6. Minced garlic

Your pasta’s taste is upped by:

  • Sriracha hot sauce
  • Worcestershire sauce
  • Low-sodium beef broth
  • Crushed fire-roasted tomatoes
  • Tomato sauce

Sprinkle lots of sharp cheddar cheese on top. Then, add chopped scallions.

These ingredients make a tasty cowboy spaghetti. It’s a great pick for a pasta meal.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Ready to learn how to make homemade spaghetti? Start by boiling spaghetti until it’s al dente. Next, make your bacon nice and crispy for a great crunch. Set your bacon aside and cook the ground beef in the bacon grease for extra flavor.

Then, cook onions in the same pan to soak up the tasty grease. Add garlic for a wonderful smell. Season it with salt and pepper.

Mix in sriracha, Worcestershire sauce, tomatoes, and broth for the sauce. Let it simmer until it’s rich and thick.

Now, mix the sauce with the pasta. Stir well so the spaghetti gets covered in sauce.

Top your spaghetti with cheddar, scallions, and the bacon you cooked earlier. It will be crunchy and tasty. This is how you make Cowboy Spaghetti. Enjoy!

Tips & Tricks

Mastering cowboy pasta needs some clever recipe hacks. They make your dish tastier and easier to make. A top cowboy pasta tip is to adjust the spiciness to what you like. Like it hot? Add jalapeños or lots of red chili flakes. Want it mild? Use normal tomatoes and hold the hot sauce.

“Don’t overmix the pasta and sauce if you plan on storing leftovers. Keeping them separate makes reheating much simpler and avoids the pasta from soaking up too much sauce and drying out.”

Another great cooking trick is to cook pasta and sauce separately; good for leftovers. This way, your spaghetti stays good and is not too soft. Store them apart for an easy and tasty meal next time without losing flavor.

Use these recipe hacks for a great cowboy pasta dish. It’ll be amazing every time, even as a leftover.

Serving Suggestions

Cowboy Spaghetti is great on its own. But, it’s also nice with other foods. Have it with homemade garlic bread. It’s great for soaking up sauce and adding a tasty crunch. Another good choice is a green salad. A Caesar or house salad can bring a fresh touch.

Here are some meal pairing ideas that might enhance your Cowboy Spaghetti:

  • Sour cream
  • Crushed tortilla chips
  • A dollop of salsa

These toppings let everyone customize their meals. Think of western meal complements when choosing sides. They can add new textures and flavors, making your meal better.

How to Store

Your Cowboy Spaghetti can stay yummy for days with proper storage. Put it in an airtight container in the fridge. It will be good for 3 to 4 days. To reheat, use the stovetop or microwave. Add a bit of liquid to the sauce to keep it tasty.

If you really like Cowboy Spaghetti, make extra sauce and freeze it. Freeze the sauce alone for quick, future meals. Just make more sauce, save half in a freezer container. This sauce can stay frozen for 3 months, and then you can enjoy great meals whenever you want.

Follow these simple steps to keep your spaghetti fresh and flavorful. You’ll always have a delicious meal ready. It’s perfect for when you’re busy or when friends come over at the last minute.

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