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Copycat Panera Chicken and Wild Rice Soup

Some folks like watching videos more than reading.

So, we’ve shared helpful ones in this article.

This soup is like a warm hug on a frosty day.

It’s creamy, filled with chicken, and has wild rice for a cozy meal.

Unlike at Panera Bread, making it at home lets you pick healthier ingredients.

You’ll need things from your pantry, especially the tasty Rice a Roni Long Grain and Wild Rice.

Using a crockpot or Dutch oven makes it easy. And making your own broth makes it even better.

Exact Ingredients You’ll Need

To make a chicken soup like Panera’s, gather a few key items. These items will help you cook up a tasty dish at home.

First, grab some chicken breasts. They add a lot of protein. Include a rice mix seasoning for its tasty blend.

Then, pick up low-sodium broth. This makes your soup good for your heart. Use a top-notch, low-sodium chicken stock for a perfect taste. Get some fresh veggies like carrots, celery, onions, and garlic, too. They make your soup full of flavor and good for you.

Also, you’ll need olive oil for cooking the veggies. A bit of flour thickens the soup without changing its flavor much. For that rich, creamy taste Panera has, use a little milk and cream at the end.

With these simple ingredients, you’ll have a nutritious, tasty soup. By sticking to this list, you’ll soon enjoy a soup that’s just as good as at the restaurant.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Start making this easy homemade soup by cooking some diced veggies. These are finely cut carrots, celery, and onions. Cook them in some olive oil until they’re soft and smell good. This makes the base of your soup taste amazing.

Add some minced garlic after your veggies are soft. Let it cook a bit. Then, put in chicken stock, water, and milk. This makes a tasty broth. Add pepper, oregano, bay leaf, and a Rice a Roni seasoning packet for that Panera soup taste.

Next, add the chicken and rice. Let them cook until the chicken is soft and the rice is full of flavor. Mixing these in makes your soup hearty and delicious.

Now, to make the soup extra creamy, make a simple thickening sauce called a roux. Mix flour and milk. Slowly add this mix to your soup. This makes your soup thick and smooth.

Just follow these easy steps to make a copy of the famous Panera Chicken and Wild Rice Soup. With the right amounts of each ingredient and careful cooking, you’ll get a soup with great taste and texture.

  1. Sweat the mirepoix until tender.
  2. Add garlic; pour in chicken stock, water, and milk.
  3. Season with pepper, oregano, bay leaf, and Rice a Roni seasoning.
  4. Incorporate chicken and wild rice; cook until tender.
  5. Mix flour and milk to create a roux, then stir it into the soup.

Tips & Tricks

Elevate your soup game with these tips. They can turn a good recipe into a great one.

“Soup is to the meal, what the stave is to music; it is the primer to the appetite.” – Auguste Escoffier

Using a Dutch oven makes cooking easier. It keeps flavors and makes the soup just right. Adjust heavy cream or flour for a rich finish.

A rotisserie chicken is great for taste and ease. It adds tender chicken fast. The Rice a Roni seasoning is a secret weapon for great spice blend. It ensures your soup is full of flavor.

  • Meal Preparation Advice: Preparing a homemade broth can elevate your soup, but if time doesn’t permit, opting for a low-sodium store-bought broth is a solid plan.
  • Dutch Oven Use: This versatile tool not only streamlines the process but also enhances the depth and complexity of your soup’s flavors.
  • Seasoning Tips: Adding the Rice a Roni seasoning packet guarantees you get an excellent mix of spices without the hassle.
  • Leftover Utilization: If you have leftovers, storing them correctly ensures that the soup’s quality remains intact for subsequent meals.

Don’t be afraid to change the spice levels. Trying different seasonings can make your soup better. Storing leftovers right helps keep the soup tasty for another meal.

Learning to make the perfect soup is like an art and science. It mixes key ingredients with your personal touch.

Serving Suggestions

Enjoy our tasty homemade soup with the right sides. A crusty French baguette is great for dipping. Soft dinner rolls work well, too. They soak up all the flavor.

A complete meal pairs the soup with a light side salad. Add a zesty vinaigrette for a refreshing taste. Flaky biscuits or crescent rolls make it even more satisfying.

This Copycat Panera Chicken and Wild Rice Soup is perfect for any meal. It can turn a simple dinner into something special. It’s also great for family meals, making everyone feel cozy and full.

How to Store

Keeping your Copycat Panera Chicken and Wild Rice Soup fresh is easy. Use the right storage for the best results. For a few days, store the soup in an airtight container in the fridge. This keeps it tasting good and ripe for a warm-up.

To reheat, do it slowly. Warm it gently on the stove or in the microwave. If it gets thicker in the fridge, add a little broth or water. This trick brings back its tasty feel, making it feel new again.

To keep your soup longer, freeze it. It will stay good for up to 3 months in the freezer. When ready, let it thaw in the fridge. You might need to add some more liquid then. But this way, it’s just as nice as on the first day.

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