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Chicken Paprikash Recipe

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Chicken Paprikash Recipe

Chicken Paprikash is a traditional Hungarian dish that will add a comforting and rich flavor to your meal lineup. This recipe combines tender chicken with a creamy paprika-based sauce, making it a mouthwatering treat that’s perfect for any night of the week.

Cooking Chicken Paprikash is simpler than you might think, requiring just a few staple ingredients like chicken, onions, paprika, and sour cream. You’ll find that this classic dish is not only full of flavor but also satisfying and warming.

Whether you’re new to Hungarian cuisine or looking to perfect your Chicken Paprikash, you’ll appreciate the step-by-step instructions and helpful tips provided. Dive into this delicious recipe and enjoy a taste of Hungary right in your own kitchen.

Exact Ingredients (+ Possible Substitutes)

For authentic Chicken Paprikash, you need some key ingredients. Here’s what you’ll need and possible substitutes if you don’t have something on hand:

Main Ingredients

  • Chicken: Typically, bone-in, skin-on chicken thighs or drumsticks. Substitute: Boneless chicken thighs or breasts.
  • Onion: Finely chopped. Substitute: Shallots or a white onion.
  • Garlic: Minced. Substitute: Garlic powder.
  • Paprika: Hungarian sweet paprika is best. Substitute: Smoked paprika for a different flavor.


  • Chicken Broth: Adds depth. Substitute: Vegetable broth or water.
  • Sour Cream: Gives creaminess. Substitute: Greek yogurt or heavy cream.


  • Flour: For thickening the sauce. Substitute: Cornstarch.


  • Salt and Pepper: To taste.
  • Bay Leaf: Adds subtle flavor. Substitute: Thyme or oregano.

Other Ingredients

  • Olive Oil or Butter: For sautéing. Substitute: Any neutral cooking oil.
  • Tomatoes: Some recipes call for diced tomatoes or tomato paste.

How to Use Them

Combine these ingredients following the steps in your recipe. Adjust according to your taste and what you have available. Enjoy your homemade Chicken Paprikash!


1. Prepare Ingredients
Chop the onions and garlic. Measure out the paprika, flour, and other needed ingredients.

2. Sauté Chicken and Onions
Heat oil in a large skillet over medium heat. Sear the chicken until golden on both sides, about 8 minutes per side. Remove the chicken and set it aside. Add onions to the skillet and sauté until soft and fragrant.

3. Add Garlic and Flour
Add minced garlic to the onions and cook for one minute. Stir in flour and cook for another minute to form a light roux.

4. Mix in Paprika and Broth
Add paprika and mix well. Pour in the chicken broth and stir to combine all the flavors. Bring the mixture to a simmer.

5. Simmer Chicken
Return the chicken pieces to the skillet. Lower the heat, cover the skillet, and let it simmer for about 40 minutes until the chicken is fully cooked and tender.

6. Thicken the Sauce
Remove the chicken from the skillet and set it aside. In a small bowl, mix sour cream with a bit of the sauce from the skillet to create a smooth paste. Slowly whisk this mixture back into the skillet to thicken the sauce.

7. Combine and Serve
Return the chicken to the skillet and coat it with the rich sauce. Serve hot, ideally with a side of egg noodles or rice. Enjoy your homemade Chicken Paprikash!

Tips, Tricks & Storing


  • Use sweet Hungarian paprika for the best flavor. This spice is key to the dish.
  • Brown your chicken well. This adds a richer taste and improves texture.
  • Butter or olive oil adds a delicious depth. Both work great based on your preference.
  • To make it creamier, add a bit more sour cream.


  • Flour your chicken before browning for a nice crispy texture.
  • To avoid lumps, mix some sauce into the sour cream before adding it back to the pot.
  • Simmer gently. High heat can make the chicken tough.
  • Add a splash of lemon juice or a bit of fish sauce to balance flavors.


  • Refrigerate: Store leftovers in an airtight container and refrigerate for up to 3 days.
  • Freezing: Place in a freezer-safe container for up to 2 months. Thaw in the fridge before reheating.
  • To reheat, use the stovetop over low heat. This keeps the chicken tender and the sauce smooth.

Enjoy cooking and savoring your Chicken Paprikash!

Recipe Variations & Serving Suggestions

Chicken Paprikash can be easily adapted to suit your taste or dietary needs.

Recipe Variations

  • Spicy: Add a pinch of cayenne pepper or extra hot paprika.
  • Veggie: Swap chicken with mushrooms or tofu for a vegetarian option.
  • Creamy: Use Greek yogurt instead of sour cream for a tangy twist.

Serving Suggestions

  • Over Noodles: Serve over egg noodles or spaetzle for a hearty meal.
  • With Bread: Pair with crusty bread to soak up the delicious sauce.
  • Alongside Veggies: Add a side of steamed green beans or roasted carrots.

Garnishing Ideas

  • Fresh Herbs: Sprinkle chopped parsley or dill on top.
  • Extra Sauce: Keep some sour cream or yogurt on the side for extra creaminess.
  • Paprika Sprinkle: A final dash of paprika for color and flavor.
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