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14 Herbs that Go with Broccoli Soup

You’ve probably had broccoli soup once or twice.

Either you loved it, or you hated it.

What if we told you there was a way to make broccoli soup even better?

To take it from “meh” to “yep”?

what herbs go with Broccoli Soup

What if we told you that there were herbs you could add to broccoli soup that would make it not only more flavorful, but also healthier?

Keep reading for a list of 14 herbs that go perfectly with broccoli soup.

What Herbs Go with Broccoli Soup?

One of the best herbs to go with broccoli soup is chervil. Chervil has a delicate anise flavor, which is similar to fennel or tarragon, but more subtle and smooth. It adds a nice depth to the soup without overpowering the other flavors. Other great herbs for this soup include parsley, dill, and tarragon.

Broccoli Soup

Herbs are a great way to add flare, panache, and a certain je ne sais quoi to your cooking.

But there’s really no use in just throwing in whatever you find in the cabinet.

You want something that complements the flavor and texture of your soup.

Here is a list of herbs that go with broccoli soup:

1. Basil: The Perfect Complement to Broccoli


Basil is probably one of the most versatile herbs out there.

It can be used with almost any kind of food, from hearty stews to fruity desserts – basil is a true all-star herb.

That’s why it makes such an excellent companion to broccoli soup!

2. Dill: Adds Freshness And A Little Bite


Dill is another herb that’s perfect for soups, especially those heavy on the veggies.

It adds a freshness that complements the texture of broccoli perfectly, ensuring that every bite of your soup has a nice balance of flavors.

3. Thyme: Everyone’s Favorite Herb for Soups


Thyme is one of those herbs that just seems to go well with everything, but it has a special affinity for soups, and especially for creamy soups like broccoli.

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It adds a bright flavor note and some lightness without overwhelming any of the other flavors at play.

4. Rosemary: Because Sometimes, It Just Needs a Little Bit More


Sometimes you eat something, and you know it’s missing something… but you can’t quite put your finger on what that thing is.

That’s where rosemary comes in!

It adds an aromatic kick to your soup without being too assertive or overbearing—it’s basically the perfect addition for when your broccoli soup needs a little bit more!

5. Parsley: That Classic Taste You Can’t Go Without


Parsley is a classic addition to almost any dish—it’s one of those flavors that just works on everything.

And it’s great in broccoli soup!

The earthy flavor of the herb just meshes beautifully with the texture of broccoli, making it easy to see why so many chefs have relied on that combination for years.

6. Mint: Leaves Your Soup Fresh and Clean


Mint is less common when it comes to broccoli soup, but its refreshing taste makes it a great choice for this savory dish!

A mint-flavored broth for your broccoli soup is sure to bring back memories of summertime and fresh vegetables from your family garden.

7. Sage: The Herb That Goes With Everything


Sage is the perfect herb for adding a little extra oomph to any dish.

It’s not overpowering, but it’s also not particularly subtle.

It adds a fantastic depth of flavor to your soup that will make it hard to stop at just one bowl.

Not only that, but you can use it on almost anything else you’re cooking!


Add sage.


Add sage!

Pasta? Asparagus?

Of course—add some sage!

You can’t go wrong with this herb, so keep it on hand at all times.

8. Fennel: An All-Around Favorite Among Chefs


Fennel is one of those herbs whose flavor is hard to describe.

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Let’s just say it’s earthy, fresh, and tastes like something fresh from the garden.

If you like to know where your food comes from, this is an herb for you!

9. Oregano: A Fragrant Addition


Oregano is a fragrant herb that adds an earthy taste to any dish.

It goes especially well with broccoli because it matches the same flavor profile while adding an extra layer of depth.

The only thing you want to be careful of is not overusing oregano.

A little goes a long way!

10. Chives: The Herb That Brightens Up Any Dish


Chives are one of those herbs that can brighten up any dish, and they do just that for broccoli soup!

Their onion-y taste is subtle enough not to drown out the other flavors, but strong enough not to get lost in them either.

You’ll have to try it for yourself to see what we’re talking about!

11. Cilantro: The Fiery Flavor That Works For Everything


Cilantro can be used in so many dishes, but this time we’re focusing on broccoli soup.

It adds a fiery flavor that goes well with the earthy tones of the broccoli itself, and has enough kick to make you forget about all the other flavors in your dish and focus on that delicious kick cilantro offers.

12. Tarragon: A Touch Of Licorice Flavor


Tarragon is one of those herbs that has a very distinct flavor, so it’s especially useful when you’re trying to come up with unique dishes.

It adds a touch of licorice flavor to your broccoli, so it’s a good choice if you’re looking for something a little more exotic than plain, old salt and pepper.

13. Marjoram: When Your Broccoli Needs a Little Romance


Marjoram is another great herb for broccoli soup—if your broccoli is not very fresh or is starting to get a little old, marjoram adds a pop of freshness that helps draw out its natural flavors.

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It also adds a little romance—perfect for when you’re making dinner for someone special!

14. Coriander: The Subtle, Spicy Kick


If you’re looking for something with a little more kick, but still want that subtle flavor, coriander is the one for you.

It doesn’t have to be overpowering; just add it to your cooking liquid once the broccoli is added and let it do its thing.

Broccoli Soup

14 Herbs that Go with Broccoli Soup

Broccoli soup is a great go-to meal for those cold winter nights when you just want to curl up on the couch with a warm, comforting bowl of deliciousness. But there's one thing that can really take your broccoli soup from "good" to "yum": herbs.
Herbs aren't just a culinary afterthought, or an addition meant to make your dish look pretty. They actually serve an important purpose in your cooking.
Herbs and spices are complex mixtures of many biologically active compounds, which are responsible for their distinct flavors and aromas. Many of these compounds have strong antioxidant effects that integrate with our immune system and help us stay healthy.
But here's the thing: not all herbs can go with any recipe. It's important to know what each herb tastes like, so you know how it will impact your overall flavor profile.
Prep Time 5 mins
Cook Time 5 mins
Total Time 10 mins
Course Soup
Cuisine American
Servings 4 people
Calories 78 kcal


  • Basil
  • Dill
  • Thyme
  • Rosemary
  • Parsley
  • Mint
  • Sage
  • Fennel
  • Oregano
  • Chives
  • Cilantro
  • Tarragon
  • Marjoram
  • Coriander


  • Pick any of the herbs and spices from this list to use in your soup.
  • Prepare the rest of your meal.
  • Be ready to munch in no time.
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