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Bob Evans Sausage Gravy (Copycat Recipe)

I know some people like watching videos instead of reading.

So, I’ve found some helpful ones for you. They’re in this post.

Do you miss your mom’s cooking or want a Bob Evans-style breakfast?

This recipe will be a hit in your home. It brings the cozy feeling of a family kitchen right to your table.

It tastes like the rich gravies from Midwest and Southern comfort foods.

Perfect with homemade biscuits, it’s a great way to start your day.

Exact Ingredients You’ll Need

To make Bob Evans Sausage Gravy at home, you need a few important items. Ground sausage is the star here, and the Bob Evans kind is best. It adds a special taste. Make sure your sausage is well-seasoned for the best gravy.

Then, you must have all-purpose flour to make it thick. Adding whole milk or 2% milk makes it creamy. This brings all the flavors together.

Seasonings bring this dish to life. A bit of Kosher salt brings out flavors. Add some black pepper for a little kick. Granulated garlic adds extra taste, making it so delicious.

Don’t forget the biscuits. Warm, flaky biscuits are a must. Whether you make them at home or buy them, they’re the perfect pair for the gravy. This meal will make your mornings better.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Start by putting the sausage in a skillet on medium-high heat. It’s key to stir it often. This makes the meat brown all over and taste better.

Consistency is key to achieving the delectable sausage gravy you remember from Bob Evans.

Now, add some flour to the sausage. This makes the gravy thicker. Keep stirring. This mixes the flour with the tasty sausage oils, making a roux.

Next, pour in milk slowly. Keep stirring to make it smooth. You can add more or less milk to get the gravy just right.

Then, add salt, pepper, and garlic powder. Mix it in well. Your gravy is done when it’s smooth and falls nicely over biscuits.

Tips & Tricks

Getting your gravy just right takes practice. Start by adding a little milk or flour at a time. Then, whisk gently until it’s smooth and thick, how you like it.

It’s important to pick the right type of sausage. Sausage with more fat makes the gravy tastier. Those white parts in the sausage add a lot of flavor. Bob Evans sausages are a good pick since they are tasty and well-made.

What kind of milk you use changes how your gravy tastes. Whole milk makes it creamy but not too rich. If the sausage is not very fatty, a bit of butter helps. It makes the gravy richer and tastier.

By using these tricks, you can make your Bob Evans Sausage Gravy fit your family’s likes. This turns every meal into something special and unique.

Serving Suggestions

Want to make brunch special? Serve sausage gravy on warm biscuits. It makes a great breakfast for family or weekend fun.

Try biscuits and gravy with scrambled eggs or bacon on the side. They add tasty textures. For lightness, use fresh fruit or salad with the meal.

Got leftovers? Make a sausage biscuit and gravy casserole. Just layer biscuits, add sausage gravy, then bake. It turns your brunch into a hearty, easy meal for the next day.

Want a big breakfast spread? Add sausage gravy to a brunch buffet. It goes well with pancakes, waffles, and hash browns. It’s perfect for any morning, big or small, bringing comfort and flavor.

How to Store

To keep your homemade Bob Evans sausage gravy tasty, store it right. This way, it stays as delicious as when you first made it. Keeping it fresh and refrigerated is key if you have any left.

After it cools down, put it in a sealed container. Then, into the fridge it goes. This keeps it good for three to four days.

If you want to heat it up later, do it slowly. Warm it in a saucepan on low. Stir it often to keep that creamy feel. Or, heat it in the microwave, but not too much. Stop to stir every 30 seconds. This makes sure it’s just right, not too thick.

Freezing gravy isn’t the best idea. When it thaws, it might not be as smooth as you remember. So, keep it cool in the fridge and warm it up when needed. With these tips, you can savor this cozy meal for more days. It keeps its great taste if you store and reheat it correctly.

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