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Bisquick Donuts

Some folks like watching more than reading. So, we added helpful videos to this post. Dive into making homemade donuts with Bisquick. This recipe is so simple and promises great taste. It’s perfect for a quick breakfast or a sweet snack. You won’t need to go out to the donut shop anymore.

Bisquick Donuts

The main stuff you need is Bisquick mix and milk. Mixing them makes a soft, fluffy dough. Fry in peanut oil for a crispy outside and a soft inside. No need for special pans. Make small donut holes. It’s easy and they’re a perfect snack size.

Roll your donuts in favorite toppings. You can make them just the way you like. A little powdered sugar or a chocolate glaze, they’re sure to please. You can also use non-dairy milk. It won’t change how tasty they are. Enjoy these donuts that are quick to make and easy to change up.

Ingredients List & How To Make It (Step by Step)

Diving into our step-by-step donut recipe, start by gathering all necessary ingredients and tools. You will need:

  • 2 cups of Bisquick baking mix
  • 2/3 cup of milk
  • High-heat oil for frying (e.g., peanut or vegetable oil)
  • A selection of homemade donut toppings like powdered sugar or chocolate glaze

To start cooking with Bisquick, heat the oil in a large pot or deep skillet. Wait until it’s ready for frying. Meanwhile, mix the Bisquick baking mix and milk in a bowl. Add more mix if the dough is sticky. Stop when it’s smooth and can be shaped.

Now, make small balls from the dough. When the oil is hot enough, put the dough balls in. Fry them until golden, turning them once. If they pop up right away, the oil is good to go.

Take the donuts out when they’re golden. Let them drip off extra oil on a rack. When they’re cool, you can pick your favorite homemade donut toppings. A little powdered sugar or rich chocolate glaze makes them even better.

Tips & Tricks

To get your donuts perfectly golden brown, you need to know the right steps. It starts by making sure your oil is just the right temperature, around 350-375°F (175-190°C). This avoids problems like getting too much oil in the donut or the dough burning.

Wondering if your oil is ready? Try the water drop test; if the oil bubbles a lot, it’s good to go. Choosing a pot with a handle, like a 2-quart saucepan, can make frying easier and cleaner.

Fry your donuts in small groups to keep things cooking evenly and at the right temperature. Take the saucepan off the heat now and then to keep the temperature on point. This makes your donuts turn out perfect each time.

Always use tongs for flipping. They’re better than using a fork because they’re gentler on the dough. And mix your dough just until it’s combined. If you mix it too much, your donuts might become too hard.

Place foil and paper towels under the cooling rack to catch oil drops. This simple step can save you a lot of cleaning time afterwards.

Serving Suggestions

The joy of Bisquick Donuts is they have lots of ways to serve them. You could just put powdered sugar or cinnamon sugar on top. But, trying out creative donut toppings like homemade glazes or chocolate ganache makes them even better.

For a richer treat, add melted frosting on top. Or a powdered sugar glaze with cocoa. These small sweets are great with breakfast, snacks, or even a small meal. You can make them special by using cookie cutters to shape them. Any topping you pick will make your donuts a hit.

How to Store

Storing homemade donuts right keeps them fresh and yummy. First, let Bisquick Donuts cool down after frying and adding toppings. If there’s glaze, wait for it to set. Then, put them in an airtight box at room temp. This works for up to two days.

Use an airtight box for donuts without cream or milk toppings. Want to keep them longer? Wrap each donut in cling film or foil. Put them in a freezer-safe box or bag. They last up to two months in the freezer. To eat, just let them thaw at room temp.

Don’t usually need to warm them up. But if warm donuts make you happy, a few seconds in the microwave works. Or, gently warm them in the oven. Note: toppings might get soft if you warm them up. So, add new toppings after warming, if you want. These tips will keep your donuts fresh and tasty.

Keeping your Bisquick Donuts fresh is easy. with these tips, they stay yummy. Whether it’s a few days or months, your treats will be ready to enjoy.

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