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Bisquick Cinnamon Rolls Recipe (with Glaze!)

We know some folks like watching videos more than reading.

So, we’ve added ways you can learn from videos in this post.

Imagine having these homemade cinnamon rolls for breakfast or dessert.

They are quick and easy because you don’t need eggs or yeast.

Make them for your family or as a special weekend snack.

Bisquick makes these cinnamon rolls taste like biscuits, but with a sweet, gooey center.

They are perfect with a cream glaze on top.

This recipe makes a small batch, ensuring they are always fresh.

Exact Ingredients You’ll Need

To make perfect buttermilk cinnamon rolls, begin with the simple sweet roll ingredients. This yummy treat uses a Bisquick mix recipe. It makes baking easy and fun.

You will mix:

  • 2 cups of Bisquick mix
  • 1/2 cup of buttermilk for a special taste and lightness

The tasty filling has:

  • 1/4 cup melted butter
  • 1/2 cup brown sugar
  • 2 tablespoons ground cinnamon

The easy glaze is made with:

  • 1 cup powdered sugar
  • 2 tablespoons melted butter
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 2-3 tablespoons heavy cream for the perfect topping

These simple sweet roll ingredients combine to make yummy cinnamon rolls. Follow the Bisquick mix recipe for tasty rolls quickly. Baking will be fun and the outcome will delight everyone.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Starting this easy cinnamon roll tutorial means collecting your ingredients. Mix the dry Bisquick with buttermilk to make a soft dough. Make sure the dough is soft but holds its shape.

Then, on a floured space, roll the dough into a rectangle. Spread the buttery cinnamon mix all across. Be sure to cover everything to get that sweet taste in each bite.

After spreading the filling, roll the dough into a log. Cut the log into equal pieces with a sharp knife. This makes sure they all bake the same way. Put these pieces in a baking dish.

Now, pour warmed heavy cream over the rolls. This makes them moist and tasty. Bake until they’re golden and the smell is amazing.

Next, while the rolls are warm, top them with a glaze. The glaze is made from sugar, butter, vanilla, and cream. You can also add raisins, nuts, or nutmeg for more flavor.

Following these quick Bisquick dessert steps will get you perfect cinnamon rolls. They’re great for breakfast or as a treat.

Tips & Tricks

To make successful Bisquick cinnamon rolls, don’t over-mix the dough. This keeps them just right. Also, use plenty of flour on your working area to prevent sticking.

Adding lots of cinnamon-sugar is a key soft cinnamon rolls tip. You can also mix in other spices for a twist.

Using heavy cream makes the rolls extra soft. If they brown too soon, cover them with foil to stop burning.

“Covering the rolls with foil can prevent them from over-browning, ensuring they’re perfectly baked every time.”

To top it off, add the glaze when the rolls are warm. This step makes them extra gooey and oh, so delightful. With these hints and baking with Bisquick know-how, you’ll bake the best cinnamon rolls ever.

Serving Suggestions

These cinnamon rolls make any time special. Enjoy them alone or with your morning drink. {Imagine|Just think} about starting your day with a warm roll!

For serving, think about adding them to a brunch. Mix sweet rolls with bacon, eggs, or fruit. This combo makes the meal wonderful, {whether|no matter} it’s a casual or a big event.

  • Pairing sweet rolls with crispy bacon or sausage links adds a savory contrast.
  • Fresh fruit, especially berries, complements the sweetness of the rolls.
  • A well-brewed coffee or premium tea enhances the flavors.

For special times, present these rolls. They’re great for birthdays or Christmas. They add joy and sweetness to any festivity, perfect for your table.

How to Store

Storing your Bisquick cinnamon roll leftover right is important. For the short term, use an airtight container at room temperature. This keeps them fresh for 24 hours.

For longer storage, keep them in the fridge. This will keep them moist and tasty longer, up to a few days. Make sure to seal them tight to avoid them drying out.

To reheat and enjoy again, microwave them for 15-20 seconds. This makes them soft and warm, almost like when they were first baked. With the right storage, your rolls can be a delicious treat for several days. They’re so good, they might not last long!

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