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25 Basil Recipes That Will Make Your Taste Buds Dance

I’ve attached a video for every recipe below from my favorite home cooks.

If you love basil as much as most people do, you’re in for a treat.

With its vibrant flavor and lovely aroma, basil can transform any dish into something spectacular. Whether you’re looking to spice up your usual meals or try something entirely new, these basil recipes are sure to impress.

There are countless ways to use fresh basil in your cooking. From simple salads and sauces to more complex dishes, this versatile herb can do it all. Explore a mix of appetizers, main courses, and even desserts that will make the most of your basil stash.

Not only is basil a delicious and versatile ingredient, it’s also incredibly healthy. Packed with vitamins and antioxidants, basil can boost your meals both in flavor and nutrition.

Dive into these recipes and discover how basil can elevate your summer cooking game.

Caprese Salad


  • Fresh tomatoes
  • Mozzarella cheese (fresh or burrata)
  • Fresh basil leaves
  • Olive oil
  • Balsamic vinegar (optional)
  • Salt
  • Black pepper


  1. Slice the tomatoes and mozzarella cheese into even pieces.
  2. Arrange the tomato and mozzarella slices on a plate, alternating between them.
  3. Tuck the fresh basil leaves between the slices or scatter them on top.
  4. Drizzle olive oil over the salad.
  5. If desired, drizzle balsamic vinegar or a balsamic glaze on top.
  6. Season with a pinch of salt and a grind of black pepper to taste.
  7. Let the salad rest for 5 to 10 minutes before serving.

Pesto Pasta


  • 2 cups fresh basil leaves
  • 1/2 cup grated Parmesan cheese
  • 1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil
  • 1/3 cup toasted pine nuts
  • 2 garlic cloves
  • Salt to taste
  • Pepper to taste
  • 1 pound spaghetti or your favorite pasta
  • 1/2 cup reserved pasta cooking water


  1. Prepare the Basil Pesto: In a food processor, combine basil leaves, Parmesan cheese, garlic, toasted pine nuts, salt, and pepper. Pulse until well mixed. With the processor running, slowly drizzle in the olive oil until the pesto is smooth.

  2. Cook the Pasta: Bring a pot of salted water to a boil. Add pasta and cook according to package instructions until al dente. Reserve 1/2 cup of the pasta cooking water before draining.

  3. Combine Pasta and Pesto: In a large bowl, toss the drained pasta with the prepared pesto. Add 1/4 cup of the reserved pasta water and mix to coat the pasta. Add more pasta water as needed for a silky sauce. Serve immediately.

Margherita Pizza


  • 1 ball of pizza dough
  • 1/4 cup tomato sauce
  • 1 cup fresh mozzarella, sliced
  • Fresh basil leaves
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • Pinch of red pepper flakes (optional)


  1. Preheat your oven to 500°F. Place a pizza stone in the oven if you have one.

  2. Stretch the pizza dough into a round shape on a cornmeal-dusted baking sheet.

  3. Spread the tomato sauce evenly over the dough, leaving a 1-inch border around the edges.

  4. Place fresh mozzarella slices on top of the sauce.

  5. Drizzle the olive oil over the pizza.

  6. Slide the pizza onto the preheated pizza stone or baking sheet and bake for 10-12 minutes until the crust is browned.

  7. Remove from the oven and add fresh basil leaves and red pepper flakes.

  8. Cut and serve immediately. Enjoy!

Tomato Basil Soup


  • 10-12 ripe tomatoes, halved
  • 4 garlic cloves
  • 1 medium onion, chopped
  • 4 cups chicken or vegetable broth
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • 2 tablespoons butter
  • 1 tablespoon sugar (optional)
  • 1 teaspoon Italian seasoning
  • Fresh basil leaves
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • 1/2 cup heavy cream (optional)


  1. Preheat your oven to 400°F (200°C). Line a baking sheet with parchment paper.
  2. Place the halved tomatoes and garlic cloves on the baking sheet. Drizzle with olive oil and season with salt and pepper. Roast for 40-45 minutes.
  3. In a large pot, heat butter over medium-high heat. Add chopped onion and sauté for 5-7 minutes until lightly browned.
  4. Stir in Italian seasoning and add the roasted tomatoes and garlic to the pot.
  5. Pour in the chicken or vegetable broth and add sugar if using. Bring the mixture to a boil.
  6. Reduce heat to low and let it simmer for 15 minutes.
  7. Add fresh basil leaves. Use an immersion blender to purée the soup until smooth.
  8. For a creamier texture, stir in the heavy cream and cook on medium heat until warmed through. Do not boil.
  9. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Serve hot with a sprinkle of fresh basil.



  • 4 ripe tomatoes
  • 1-2 cloves garlic
  • 1/4 cup fresh basil leaves
  • 1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil
  • 1 teaspoon balsamic vinegar
  • Salt and freshly ground black pepper
  • 1 baguette
  • Extra olive oil for drizzling


  1. Prep the Tomatoes: Wash and dry the tomatoes. Cut them in half and remove the seeds if desired. Dice the tomatoes into small pieces.
  2. Mix the Topping: In a medium bowl, combine the diced tomatoes, minced garlic, chopped basil leaves, olive oil, and balsamic vinegar. Add salt and pepper to taste. Gently stir to blend the flavors.
  3. Prep the Baguette: Slice the baguette into 1/4 to 1/2 inch slices. Cut off the end of the garlic clove and rub it on each side of the bread slices. Drizzle both sides with olive oil.
  4. Toast the Bread: Preheat your oven to 450°F (230°C) or use a hot skillet. Toast the bread slices until they are golden brown on both sides.
  5. Assemble the Bruschetta: Once the bread is toasted, spoon the tomato mixture onto each slice. Serve immediately while the bread is still warm. Enjoy!

Basil Lemonade


  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1 cup water (for syrup)
  • 1/2 cup fresh basil leaves
  • 6 cups cold water
  • 1 cup fresh lemon juice
  • Ice (optional)


  1. In a medium saucepan, combine 1 cup of sugar and 1 cup of water.
  2. Heat over medium, stirring until the sugar dissolves.
  3. Add 1/2 cup of basil leaves to the pan.
  4. Remove from heat and let it steep until the syrup is room temperature (about 30 minutes).
  5. Strain the basil leaves from the syrup.
  6. In a large pitcher, mix the basil syrup, 6 cups of cold water, and 1 cup of fresh lemon juice.
  7. Stir well and refrigerate.
  8. Serve over ice if desired.

Enjoy your refreshing basil lemonade!

Basil Chicken Stir-Fry


  • 2 tablespoons vegetable oil
  • 2 cloves garlic, minced
  • 1-2 red chilies, sliced
  • 1 pound ground chicken or chicken breast, sliced thinly
  • 1 tablespoon soy sauce
  • 1 tablespoon fish sauce
  • 1 teaspoon sugar
  • 1 cup Thai basil leaves
  • 2 green onions, chopped (separate white and green parts)
  • Steamed jasmine rice (for serving)


  1. Heat oil: Add the vegetable oil to a wok or large frying pan over high heat.

  2. Sauté aromatics: Add the garlic and chilies to the hot oil. Stir-fry for 1-2 minutes until fragrant.

  3. Cook chicken: Add the ground chicken or thinly sliced chicken breast. Stir-fry until the chicken is cooked, breaking it up into small pieces as it cooks.

  4. Add seasonings: Pour in the soy sauce, fish sauce, and sugar. Stir well to coat the chicken.

  5. Add green onions: Toss in the white parts of the green onions. Cook for another minute.

  6. Add basil: Add the Thai basil leaves and the green parts of the green onions. Stir until the basil is just wilted.

  7. Serve: Remove from heat and serve immediately with steamed jasmine rice.

Enjoy your delicious Basil Chicken Stir-Fry!

Basil and Lemon Risotto


  • 1 quart chicken stock
  • 4 tablespoons unsalted butter, divided
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • 1 red onion, peeled and chopped
  • 1 head celery, white parts only, chopped
  • 1 garlic clove, peeled and chopped
  • 1 1/2 cups Arborio rice
  • 2/3 cup dry vermouth
  • Zest of 1 lemon
  • Juice of 1 lemon
  • 1 cup grated Parmesan cheese
  • 1/4 cup fresh basil, chopped
  • Salt and pepper to taste


  1. Prepare the stock: In a saucepan, heat the chicken stock over medium heat. Keep it warm.
  2. Cook the vegetables: In a large skillet, melt 2 tablespoons of butter with the olive oil over medium heat. Add the onion, celery, and garlic. Cook until soft, about 5 minutes.
  3. Toast the rice: Add the Arborio rice to the skillet. Stir frequently for about 2 minutes until the rice is slightly translucent.
  4. Add the vermouth: Pour in the dry vermouth and cook, stirring, until the liquid is almost absorbed.
  5. Add the stock: Begin adding the warm stock, one ladle at a time. Stir constantly until almost all the liquid is absorbed before adding more. Continue until the rice is tender and creamy.
  6. Finish the risotto: Stir in the lemon zest, lemon juice, remaining 2 tablespoons of butter, and Parmesan cheese. Mix well.
  7. Add basil: Gently fold in the chopped basil. Season with salt and pepper to taste.
  8. Serve: Serve hot, garnished with additional basil if desired.

Basil Garlic Bread


  • 1 loaf of bread (French or Ciabatta)
  • 1/2 cup unsalted butter
  • 1/4 cup fresh basil leaves, chopped
  • 2-3 garlic cloves, minced
  • 1/4 cup grated Parmesan cheese
  • Pinch of salt and pepper


  1. Preheat your oven to 375°F (190°C).
  2. Melt the butter in a microwave-safe bowl.
  3. Stir in the chopped basil, minced garlic, grated Parmesan cheese, salt, and pepper into the melted butter.
  4. Cut the loaf of bread in half lengthwise.
  5. Place the bread cut side up on a baking sheet.
  6. Brush the butter mixture evenly over the cut sides of the bread.
  7. Bake for 10-15 minutes until the bread edges are golden and the cheese is melted.
  8. Broil for an additional 1-2 minutes until the cheese starts to bubble and turn golden brown.
  9. Allow the bread to cool slightly before slicing. Serve warm.

Basil Pesto Grilled Cheese


  • Sliced bread (your choice)
  • Basil pesto sauce
  • Provolone cheese
  • Butter
  • Fresh mozzarella cheese
  • Optional: Tomato slices, Monterey Jack cheese


  1. Spread basil pesto on one side of a bread slice.
  2. Top with provolone cheese and optional tomato slices.
  3. Place a second slice of bread on top.
  4. Melt butter in a skillet over medium-low heat.
  5. Place the sandwich in the skillet, buttering the top slice.
  6. Cook until golden brown, then flip and cook the other side.
  7. Serve hot and enjoy your delicious pesto grilled cheese!

Basil and Mozzarella Stuffed Chicken


  • 4 chicken breasts
  • 1/2 cup fresh basil leaves
  • 1 cup mozzarella cheese, sliced
  • 2 cloves garlic, minced
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1/4 teaspoon black pepper
  • 1 cup cherry tomatoes, halved
  • 1 tablespoon balsamic vinegar
  • 1 teaspoon Italian seasoning


  1. Preheat your oven to 400°F (200°C).

  2. Slice the tomatoes and chop the basil. In a bowl, mix tomatoes, basil, balsamic vinegar, olive oil, and Italian seasoning. Set aside.

  3. Season the chicken breasts with salt, pepper, and minced garlic on both sides.

  4. Cut a pocket into each chicken breast, being careful not to slice all the way through.

  5. Stuff each chicken breast with basil leaves and mozzarella slices. Secure with toothpicks if needed.

  6. Place the chicken breasts in a baking dish sprayed with non-stick spray.

  7. Brush each chicken breast with olive oil.

  8. Bake in the preheated oven for 30 minutes, or until the chicken is fully cooked.

  9. Serve with the basil-tomato mixture on top.

Thai Basil Fried Rice


  • 2 tablespoons vegetable oil
  • 3 cloves garlic, minced
  • 2-3 Thai chiles, chopped
  • 1 chicken breast, diced (or substitute with shrimp, tofu, or beef)
  • 1 cup jasmine rice, cooked and cooled
  • 2 tablespoons light soy sauce
  • 1 tablespoon dark soy sauce
  • 1 tablespoon fish sauce
  • 1 tablespoon oyster sauce
  • 1 teaspoon sugar
  • 1 cup Thai basil leaves
  • 1 egg (optional)
  • 1 lime, cut into wedges (for serving)


  1. Heat the vegetable oil in a large pan or wok over medium heat.
  2. Add minced garlic and chopped Thai chiles. Stir-fry for about 30 seconds until fragrant.
  3. Add diced chicken to the pan. Cook for about 2 minutes until the chicken is brown.
  4. Push the chicken to one side of the pan. If using an egg, crack it in and scramble.
  5. Add the cooked jasmine rice to the pan.
  6. In a small bowl, mix light soy sauce, dark soy sauce, fish sauce, oyster sauce, and sugar. Pour this sauce over the rice.
  7. Stir everything in the pan, ensuring the sauce evenly coats the rice and chicken.
  8. Add Thai basil leaves. Stir for another 1 minute until the basil is wilted.
  9. Serve hot with lime wedges on the side.

Basil and Tomato Quiche


  • 1 pie crust
  • 3 cups cherry tomatoes, whole
  • 1 tsp dried Italian herbs
  • 2 cloves garlic, minced
  • 2 cups shredded Parmesan or Gruyere cheese
  • 4.4 oz fresh mozzarella, stored in water
  • 1 bunch fresh basil
  • ½ cup self-raising flour
  • 4 eggs
  • 1 cup milk
  • Salt and pepper to taste


  1. Preheat your oven to 375°F (190°C).

  2. Press the pie crust into a 9-inch pie dish and trim any excess. Bake for 10-15 minutes until lightly browned. Set aside.

  3. While the crust bakes, toss the cherry tomatoes with olive oil, dried Italian herbs, and minced garlic. Roast in the oven for 15 minutes until they start to burst.

  4. In a bowl, whisk together the eggs, milk, salt, and pepper. Add the self-raising flour and mix well.

  5. Layer the bottom of the baked pie crust with shredded Parmesan or Gruyere cheese.

  6. Add a layer of roasted cherry tomatoes and fresh basil leaves.

  7. Pour the egg mixture over the tomatoes and cheese.

  8. Top with slices of fresh mozzarella.

  9. Bake in the preheated oven for 25-30 minutes, until the filling is set and golden brown.

Allow to cool slightly before serving. Enjoy your delicious Basil and Tomato Quiche!

Basil Vinaigrette


  • 1 cup fresh basil leaves, loosely packed
  • 1-2 cloves garlic, peeled
  • 1/4 cup white wine vinegar or red wine vinegar
  • 3/4 cup extra-virgin olive oil
  • 1/2 teaspoon Dijon mustard
  • 1/2 teaspoon honey
  • 1/2 teaspoon kosher salt
  • 1/4 teaspoon ground black pepper
  • Red pepper flakes (optional)


  1. Place the basil leaves, garlic, vinegar, mustard, honey, salt, and pepper in a blender or food processor.
  2. Blend the mixture until smooth.
  3. Slowly add the olive oil while blending until well combined.
  4. Taste and adjust salt and pepper as needed.
  5. If you like a bit of heat, add a pinch of red pepper flakes.
  6. Store in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 1 week.

Basil Infused Olive Oil


  • 4 cups of water
  • Salt
  • 8 to 10 bunches of fresh basil
  • 32 oz bottle of extra virgin olive oil
  • 6 garlic cloves (optional)
  • Ice water
  • Salt and pepper


  1. Bring 4 cups of salted water to a boil.
  2. Blanch the basil for 5 seconds, then drain.
  3. Plunge the basil into ice water.
  4. Pat the basil leaves dry with a paper towel.
  5. Puree the basil with olive oil in a food processor.
  6. Season with salt and pepper.
  7. Strain the basil oil through a fine mesh strainer.
  8. Discard the basil remnants.
  9. Optional: Add peeled garlic cloves to the mixture for extra flavor.

Enjoy making your own basil infused olive oil!

Basil and Peach Salad


  • 3 ripe peaches, pitted and sliced
  • ¼ cup fresh basil leaves, torn or chopped
  • 2 tablespoons goat cheese, crumbled
  • ¼ cup chopped walnuts
  • ¼ cup red onion, thinly sliced
  • 2 tablespoons honey
  • Salt to taste
  • Vinaigrette:
    • 3 tablespoons olive oil
    • 1 tablespoon balsamic vinegar
    • 1 tablespoon lime juice
    • Salt and pepper to taste


  1. Prepare the Peaches: Slice the peaches and place them in a medium bowl. Drizzle with honey and sprinkle with a little salt. Toss gently to coat.

  2. Assemble the Salad: Add the torn basil leaves, goat cheese, chopped walnuts, and red onion to the bowl with peaches. Mix gently to combine.

  3. Make the Vinaigrette: In a small bowl or mini food processor, combine the olive oil, balsamic vinegar, lime juice, salt, and pepper. Mix or blend until well combined.

  4. Dress the Salad: Pour the vinaigrette over the salad and toss gently to coat all the ingredients evenly.

  5. Serve Immediately: Enjoy your fresh basil and peach salad right away for the best flavor!

Basil Mojito


  • 10 fresh basil leaves
  • 10 fresh mint leaves
  • 1/4 cup sugar
  • 1/4 cup water
  • 1/2 cup fresh lime juice
  • 2 oz white rum
  • Club soda
  • Ice


  1. Combine the sugar and water in a small saucepan over medium heat, stirring until the sugar dissolves. Remove from heat and let it cool completely.
  2. In a cocktail shaker, muddle the basil leaves, mint leaves, simple syrup, and lime juice together.
  3. Add the white rum and a handful of ice. Shake well.
  4. Strain the mixture into a glass filled with ice.
  5. Top with club soda and stir gently.
  6. Garnish with a lime wedge and extra basil leaves if desired.

Basil and Feta Omelette


  • 3 large eggs
  • 1/4 cup crumbled feta cheese
  • 2 tablespoons fresh basil leaves, chopped
  • 1 small tomato, diced
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • 1/4 cup onions, finely chopped (optional)


  1. Prepare the Ingredients: Crack the eggs into a mixing bowl and beat them until smooth. Add a pinch of salt and pepper to taste.

  2. Heat the Pan: Heat the olive oil in a non-stick skillet over medium heat. Make sure the oil coats the entire bottom of the pan.

  3. Cook Onions (if using): Add the chopped onions to the skillet and sauté until they are soft and lightly browned.

  4. Add Eggs: Pour the beaten eggs into the skillet. Tilt the pan to make sure the egg mixture covers the whole base. Let it cook until the edges start to set.

  5. Add Toppings: Sprinkle the feta cheese, diced tomato, and chopped basil leaves evenly over the half-cooked eggs.

  6. Fold and Finish Cooking: Once the eggs are mostly set but still a bit runny on top, use a spatula to fold the omelette in half. Let it cook for another minute or until the eggs are fully set and the cheese has melted.

  7. Serve: Slide the omelette onto a plate and enjoy!

Basil Pesto Shrimp Pasta


  • 1 lb raw shrimp, peeled and deveined
  • 12 oz pasta (penne or angel hair)
  • 1/2 cup basil pesto
  • 2 tbsp olive oil
  • 2 cloves garlic, minced
  • 1/2 cup heavy cream (optional for a creamy version)
  • 1 tsp red pepper flakes (optional)
  • Salt and black pepper to taste
  • Juice of 1 lemon wedge


  1. Cook pasta according to the package instructions until al dente. Drain and set aside.
  2. Pat shrimp dry and season with salt and pepper.
  3. In a large skillet, heat olive oil over medium-high heat. Add minced garlic and sauté for 1-2 minutes until fragrant.
  4. Add shrimp to the pan and cook for 2-3 minutes per side until they are opaque and cooked through. Remove shrimp from the pan and set aside.
  5. In the same skillet, add basil pesto (and heavy cream if using). Stir to combine and simmer for 2-3 minutes.
  6. Add the cooked pasta and shrimp back into the skillet. Toss everything together until well combined.
  7. Season with red pepper flakes (if using), and adjust salt and pepper to taste.
  8. Squeeze fresh lemon juice over the dish before serving.

Enjoy your delicious Basil Pesto Shrimp Pasta!

Basil and Cucumber Gazpacho


  • 3 large cucumbers, peeled and chopped
  • 1 avocado, pitted and peeled
  • 1 cup fresh basil leaves
  • 2 green onions, chopped
  • 1 clove garlic
  • 1 cup cold vegetable broth or water
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • Optional: extra virgin olive oil, chopped cucumber, fresh basil leaves


  1. Combine the cucumbers, avocado, basil leaves, green onions, garlic, and vegetable broth in a blender.
  2. Blend until smooth. Add salt and pepper to taste.
  3. Pour the mixture into a bowl and cover with plastic wrap.
  4. Chill in the refrigerator for at least 2 hours.
  5. Stir before serving.
  6. For a finishing touch, drizzle with olive oil and garnish with chopped cucumber and fresh basil leaves.

Enjoy your refreshing basil and cucumber gazpacho!

Basil Aioli


  • 1 cup mayonnaise
  • 1 cup fresh basil leaves
  • 3 garlic cloves
  • 1 tablespoon lemon juice
  • 1 teaspoon lemon zest
  • Salt to taste


  1. Prepare Basil and Garlic: Mince the basil leaves and garlic cloves as finely as possible.
  2. Combine Ingredients: In a bowl, add the minced basil, garlic, mayonnaise, lemon juice, lemon zest, and salt.
  3. Mix: Use a whisk or food processor to blend all ingredients until smooth.
  4. Chill: Transfer to a container, cover, and chill in the refrigerator for at least 1 hour.
  5. Serve: Enjoy your basil aioli as a dip, spread, or sauce.

Basil and Strawberry Smoothie


  • 1 1/2 cups frozen strawberries
  • 1/4 cup fresh basil leaves
  • 1/2 cup unsweetened almond milk
  • 1-2 tablespoons honey (optional, for sweetness)
  • A pinch of salt
  • Handful of ice (if using fresh strawberries)


  1. Gather all your ingredients: strawberries, basil, almond milk, honey (if using), and a pinch of salt.
  2. Place the strawberries in your blender.
  3. Add the fresh basil leaves.
  4. Pour in the almond milk.
  5. Add honey and a pinch of salt.
  6. Blend until smooth, about 30 seconds to 1 minute.
  7. If you’re using fresh strawberries, add a handful of ice and blend again until smooth.
  8. Pour your smoothie into glasses and enjoy!

Basil and Goat Cheese Tart


  • 1 sheet of puff pastry
  • 4 oz goat cheese, softened
  • 1 egg yolk
  • 9 slices ripe tomatoes (red or yellow)
  • Fresh basil leaves, torn
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • Olive oil for brushing


  1. Preheat your oven to 400°F (200°C).
  2. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper and lightly flour it.
  3. Place the puff pastry on the prepared baking sheet.
  4. Fold over a 1-inch border on all sides of the pastry and score the inside edges of the border with a knife.
  5. In a small bowl, mix the goat cheese and egg yolk until well combined.
  6. Spread the goat cheese mixture evenly on the puff pastry, staying within the scored border.
  7. Arrange the tomato slices on top of the goat cheese mixture.
  8. Brush the tomatoes lightly with olive oil.
  9. Sprinkle torn basil leaves, salt, and pepper over the tomatoes.
  10. Bake for 25 minutes, or until the pastry is golden and puffy.
  11. Let the tart cool for at least 10 minutes before slicing and serving.

Basil and Lime Sorbet


  • 1 cup water
  • 1 cup sugar
  • Zest of 2 limes
  • 1 cup fresh basil leaves
  • 1 cup lime juice (from about 6-8 limes)


  1. Combine water and sugar in a saucepan. Bring to a boil over medium-high heat.
  2. Add lime zest and let simmer for 4 minutes. Remove from heat and let it cool for 10 minutes.
  3. Place the cooled sugar mixture, basil leaves, and lime juice into a blender.
  4. Purée the mixture until smooth.
  5. Pour the mixture into a container, cover, and freeze until completely frozen (about 2 hours).
  6. Break the frozen mixture into pieces and blend until smooth once more before serving.

Basil and Tomato Frittata


  • 6 large eggs
  • 1/4 cup half-and-half or heavy cream
  • 1 cup cheddar cheese, shredded
  • 1 cup Monterey Jack cheese, shredded
  • 1 cup cherry tomatoes, halved
  • 1/4 cup fresh basil, chopped
  • 1 small onion, diced
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • Salt and pepper, to taste


  1. Preheat your oven to 350°F (175°C).
  2. In a medium skillet over medium heat, sauté the diced onions in olive oil until translucent.
  3. Add the cherry tomatoes to the skillet, season with salt and pepper, and cook for about 5 minutes.
  4. Stir in the chopped basil and cook for an additional 2 minutes. Remove from heat and set aside.
  5. In a large bowl, whisk together the eggs and half-and-half until smooth.
  6. Lightly grease an ovenproof dish with cooking spray or butter.
  7. Toss the cheddar and Monterey Jack cheese together with a bit of flour and spread the mixture evenly at the bottom of the dish.
  8. Pour the egg mixture over the cheese, then evenly distribute the tomato and basil mixture on top.
  9. Bake in the preheated oven for 35 to 40 minutes, or until the frittata is set and the top is golden brown.

Enjoy your delicious Basil and Tomato Frittata!