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American Goulash (Easy One Pot Recipe)

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American Goulash (Easy One Pot Recipe)

Want the best comfort food? Try American Goulash. It’s a top pick for families. This dish mixes beef, macaroni, and a tasty red sauce into wholesome meals. It’s simple, tasty, and great for any dinner.

American Goulash is not like the Hungarian kind. It uses beef, macaroni, and tomato sauce. If you like, you can change the ingredients. You can add red wine for more flavor. Or use beef broth for a softer taste.

This meal has everything you need: meat, pasta, and veggies. Want to make it cheesy? Add cheddar. Using a Dutch Oven will cook it perfectly.

This is not only a classic comfort food. It’s also easy to freeze for later. With just one pot to clean and a great taste, American Goulash makes everyone happy.

Ingredients List & How To Make It (Step by Step)

If you’re eager to try a delectable American Goulash recipe, let’s dive right in. You will need to gather your ingredients, then follow these instructions to make a satisfying one pot pasta dish.

Start by chopping onions and garlic. They are key for adding great taste. Sauté the onions in a big pot until they turn clear. Then, add the garlic so it doesn’t burn.

Now, put the ground beef in, breaking it apart while it cooks. When it’s brown, add the liquids and seasonings.

Use a cup of red wine for a hearty tomato sauce. If you don’t want wine, use beef broth to get a rich flavor. Then, mix in diced tomatoes and tomato sauce. This makes the bold sauce for your goulash.

  • 1 large onion, chopped
  • 3 cloves garlic, minced
  • 1 pound ground beef
  • 1 cup red wine or beef broth
  • 2 cans diced tomatoes
  • 1 can tomato sauce
  • 2 cups elbow macaroni
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • Your choice of seasonings (e.g., paprika, bay leaves, oregano)

Let the sauce simmer, then stir in the elbow macaroni. Cover and let it cook in the sauce. This lets the pasta soak up lots of flavor.

Keep simmering until the macaroni is soft, stirring often. This takes around 15-20 minutes. Taste it and add more seasonings if needed.

For more flavor, you can add grated cheddar cheese on top. It’s a tip from Mehan’s Kitchen for extra tasty goulash. Enjoy this hearty meal!

Tips & Tricks

When making American Goulash, use one-pot recipes. This makes cooking easy and tasty. You’ll also learn how to make more for a big family.

To make your ground beef go further, add more ingredients. Use veggies like bell peppers, zucchini, or carrots. This adds nutrition and makes the meal bigger.

For more flavor, try different American Goulash variations. Use Worcestershire sauce or beef broth for a tastier dish. Oregano, basil, and paprika also add a lot of flavor.

You can also change the pasta to keep things interesting. Try using rotini, shells, or penne instead of macaroni. This makes your goulash a hit with everyone.

Getting the right amount of liquid for the pasta is key. You should use two cups of liquid per cup of pasta. This helps the pasta cook well and soak up all the flavors.

Adding cheese or sour cream makes your goulash better. It makes the meal more comforting and rich.

Follow these quick dinner ideas for great American Goulash. Make it a meal your family loves.

Serving Suggestions

When planning dinner, the right pairings can make it better. A bowl of American Goulash is more enjoyable with the perfect sides. This makes your meal fully satisfying.

Fresh crusty bread is a top choice with this meal. It soaks up the tasty gravy, adding flavor and texture to your bites.

A crisp green salad is perfect for those wanting more veggies. It balances the meal well, giving a cool, fresh taste against the warm goulash.

For a quick meal, try canned vegetables. They’re easy to heat and serve with the goulash with little fuss.

Buttered bread is another simple and tasty choice. It’s easy to make, and the buttery flavor goes well with the goulash. Plus, most people have bread and butter at home, making it a simple addition.

Using any of these sides with your American Goulash makes dinner feel complete. They add just the right touch to this classic meal.

How to Store

Enjoyed your tasty American Goulash and have some left? Good news, saving goulash for later is easy. First, let it cool to room temp. This helps keep the food good and stops freezer burn.

Next, put the goulash in tight containers or strong freezer bags. This is great for making single portions ahead. Try to push out all the air. Don’t forget to mark the date. Goulash stays good for three months this way.

When it’s time to eat your goulash again, warm it up right. If frozen, thaw in the fridge overnight. Then, warm it on the stove or in the microwave. Stir and check often to make it nice and hot. Doing this, your meal will taste great, just like before.

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