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Air Fryer Boiled Eggs: Simple Steps for Perfect Results

I’ve included some videos below for those who prefer to watch rather than read.

Air Fryer Boiled Eggs

Imagine having perfectly boiled eggs without the hassle of boiling water or waiting for a stove. With an air fryer, you can achieve this easily. Cooking eggs in an air fryer is a game-changer, offering consistent results every time.

You’ll find that making hard or soft-boiled eggs in your air fryer is simple and mess-free. Place the eggs in the air fryer basket, set the right time and temperature, and let the air fryer work its magic.

Whether you like your eggs soft, jammy, or fully hard-boiled, your air fryer can deliver the perfect egg to match your taste. This method saves time and is incredibly easy to follow. Enjoy consistently delicious eggs with minimal effort!

Exact Ingredients (+ Possible Substitutes)


  • Eggs: Any size works, but large eggs are standard. Use fresh eggs for the best taste and texture.

  • Water: For the ice bath. This stops the cooking process quickly.

Possible Substitutes:

  • Eggs: If you prefer duck or quail eggs, you can use them. Adjust cooking times slightly due to size differences.

  • Ice: If you don’t have ice handy, very cold water can also work to cool the eggs quickly.


Preheat your air fryer to the right temperature. 270°F (132°C) is a good starting point. If your air fryer can’t go below 300°F (148°C), that’s fine; just adjust your cooking time a bit.

Place the eggs in the air fryer basket. Make sure there’s enough space between them for air to circulate. Don’t overcrowd the basket.

For hard-boiled eggs, set your timer for 15-17 minutes.

For soft-boiled eggs, aim for 8-10 minutes.

Once done, immediately transfer the eggs to a bowl of ice water. This stops the cooking process and makes peeling easier. Leave the eggs in the ice water for about 8-10 minutes.

Peel the eggs and enjoy!

Tips, Tricks & Storing

Preheat: Always preheat your air fryer for 3-5 minutes before adding the eggs. This ensures even cooking.

Spacing: Make sure to leave space between the eggs in the basket. Crowding can lead to uneven cooking.

Temperature Settings: If your air fryer doesn’t go below 300°F, that’s fine. Just watch your cooking times more closely.

Cooking Times:

  • Soft-Boiled: 9-11 minutes at 270°F-300°F
  • Jammy: 12-13 minutes at 270°F-300°F
  • Hard-Boiled: 13-15 minutes at 270°F-300°F

Ice Bath: Immediately place the cooked eggs in an ice bath. This stops the cooking process and makes peeling easier. Use a bowl with a good amount of ice and water.

Peeling: After the ice bath, peel the eggs under running water. This helps remove tiny shell pieces and makes peeling smoother.

Storage: Store unpeeled eggs in an airtight container in the fridge. They’ll last up to 7 days. Peeled eggs can be stored the same way but use them within 3-5 days for the best taste.

Batch Cooking: If you need a lot of boiled eggs, cook them in batches. Overloading the air fryer can lead to inconsistent results.

Clean-Up: Line the basket with parchment paper to make clean-up easier. Make sure to clean your air fryer regularly to avoid any lingering smells.

Experiment: Feel free to experiment with cooking times based on your air fryer model and egg size. Every air fryer is a bit different.

Keeping these tips in mind will make your air fryer boiled egg experience easy and enjoyable.

Recipe Variations & Serving Suggestions

Air fryer boiled eggs are simple to make and can be enjoyed in different ways.

Three Types of Air Fryer Boiled Eggs:

  1. Soft-Boiled Eggs: Cook for 10 minutes at 270°F for a runny yolk.
  2. Jammy Eggs: Cook for 12 minutes at 270°F for a slightly set yolk.
  3. Hard-Boiled Eggs: Cook for 15 minutes at 270°F for a fully set yolk.

Serving Suggestions:

  • Breakfast: Slice the eggs and put them on avocado toast, sprinkle with salt and pepper.

  • Salads: Chop the eggs and add them to a green salad or potato salad.

  • Snacks: Enjoy them plain with a pinch of salt, or dip them in hummus.


  • Peeling: Plunge the cooked eggs into an ice bath to make them easier to peel.

Flavored Eggs

Add extra flavor by marinating peeled eggs in soy sauce, garlic, and ginger for a few hours.

Egg Bowls

Cut the eggs and add them to grain bowls with quinoa, veggies, and a drizzle of olive oil.


Store boiled eggs in the fridge for up to a week. Keep them in an airtight container to maintain freshness.

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